How To Maximize Your Profits With Forums

Written by Christos Varsamis

Forums are one ofrepparttar most effective free internet marketing strategies, if done correctly. Many people participate in online forums for different reasons. Especially in internet marketing forums, they use it for getting advice and answers to their questions.

Another reason is finding new tools, products and marketing concepts that they can apply to their website or online business in general. Internet forums are also an excellent resource for contact with other online entrepreneurs to build win-win and profitable joint ventures. Finally, you can promote your website in forums in an indirect mode, of course. Taking advantage of forums can be focused onrepparttar 149028 link of your site you are allowed to place with your posts. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. Users must have a reason to click on your link. One reason could be a useful tip or resource you provide along with your answer for instance. Onrepparttar 149029 long-term run, you gain credibility and start becoming an expert in your field.

But how do you accomplish that? First, you must study carefullyrepparttar 149030 forums before you join them. Check for their guidelines, their theme,repparttar 149031 questions,repparttar 149032 level of knowledge and experiencerepparttar 149033 users have. After that, you grouprepparttar 149034 questions in a specific block in order to providerepparttar 149035 answers.

For example: Questions: 1) How can I protect my website from theft? 2) Where can I find HTML security software? e.t.c

Answers: 1) HTML encryption software 2) Hide your websiteís code. e.t.c.

Now it is time for getting answers. You can find answers using search engines, or a recourse you have already used inrepparttar 149036 past or even a ďhow toĒ e-book you had purchased. There are many options. Donít forget that you shouldnít restrict yourself to one topic. You can repeat this procedure as many times as you want.

You can provide your answers to forum users in three ways actually.

First, by informingrepparttar 149037 forum users with a website you saw that containsrepparttar 149038 solution torepparttar 149039 problem they have. This isrepparttar 149040 less effective way, because you are keeping them away from your primary cause, which is to visit your website by clicking your link.

Second, is to create a webpage to your website that containsrepparttar 149041 answer. For example: This is an excellent way of promoting because itís not a blatant advertisement (you are informing people) and onrepparttar 149042 other hand, users visit your website.

Third, create a new website exclusively related on this subject. For example: This way is extremely effective too, but you should keep in mind that you do have to spend some money for that (web hosting, domain registration e.t.c.) and definitely more time.

The catch here is that withrepparttar 149043 second and third options you can promote your website, which can include your affiliate programs or even your products without breakingrepparttar 149044 forumís rules.

16 Golden Rules Of Master Copywriting

Written by Christos Varsamis

You could spend thousands of dollars on advertisement and have extremely low or no results in sales because of your poor-planned copy. You shouldnít be amazed byrepparttar fact that huge corporations all overrepparttar 149027 world do that mistake and waste millions of dollars on false advertisement campaigns.

However, how can you write a good sales copy and killer ads that getrepparttar 149028 attention of people? There are no magic recipes for that, but you can follow some fundamental rules, which can lead to you to success if you adopt them properly.

1) Have a good product. Be honest and mean what you say or what you offer. Avoidrepparttar 149029 exaggerations and hyped claims. You stake your reputation and your business offline or online it doesnít make any difference.

2) Have a plan on your trial and error period. Donít expect to write your first copy and be a golden one. You will alter it many times, test it, retest it, try a new one and so on. Set a schedule for that. Do not fool around.

3) AIDA. Itísrepparttar 149030 proven andrepparttar 149031 bedrock ofrepparttar 149032 copy process. Always follow it. AIDA A= Attention. You must grab it instantly or you donít have a chance. I = Interest. You grab and keep their interest. If they get bored, they will leave. D= Desire. Interest must be transformed into desire for what you offer. A= Action. You must convince them to act now. Not tomorrow, next week e.t.c. They will forget it a few hours later.

4) Always work on your prospect's emotion. Most people buy something emotionally and then justify it rationally.

5) Headline isrepparttar 149033 Key. If it doesnít grab their attention then theyĎve gone away. Your headline must be a killer one.

6) Promote your best and strong benefit at first, not last. Thatís how you are going to create interest and then desire.

7) Tell stories. Thatís an excellent way to rekindle their emotion or even their passion. Stories always inspire.

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