How To Maximize Your Profits From Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

Written by Trevor Levine

If you advertise on pay-per-click search engines -- like -- here'srepparttar easiest way to minimize your risk and maximize your profits:

Visit and click "Advertiser Login" atrepparttar 101039 upper left. Then, nearrepparttar 101040 lower left corner ofrepparttar 101041 page, click on Search Term Suggestion Tool.

Now here'srepparttar 101042 fun part: pick a keyword phrase that your prospects are searching on. For example, if you sell a business opportunity, you might pick "opportunity".

Type that keyword intorepparttar 101043 Search Term Suggestion Tool and clickrepparttar 101044 blue arrow. You instantly get to see all ofrepparttar 101045 keywords that Overture visitors searched on last month, how many searches were done on each word!

Why is this so valuable? At first, you might thinkrepparttar 101046 "secret" is to bid onrepparttar 101047 most popular keyword phrases ...repparttar 101048 ones that receiverepparttar 101049 most searches.

True, this will bring you lots of traffic, but it will also cost you a fortune! After all, these words are alsorepparttar 101050 most competitive. So they commandrepparttar 101051 highest bids. Atrepparttar 101052 time of this writing,repparttar 101053 #1 listing under "business opportunity" costs $1.36 per click!

6 Points to Make Your Postcards Pop!

Written by Mitone Bennett

If you're short on cash, but long onrepparttar need to advertise (and who isn't?), then postcards arerepparttar 101038 answer to your promotional prayers! They're less expensive than other direct mail pieces, both in printing costs as well as in stamp costs. But don't think just because they're quicker and cheaper that you should spend any less time on their creation! Withrepparttar 101039 right ad copy and colorful graphics, an inexpensive investment in postcards is a good way to expand your bottom line! Don't forget to follow these few tips to increase your response rate:

1. You've only got 5 Seconds to convince your customer to keep your card! Full color postcards will grab her attention; heavy use ofrepparttar 101040 word "YOU" will make her feel special. 2. It does no good to send one card. (Believe me, I know

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