How To Maximize Your Profit Promoting Affiliate Programs

Written by Ken Hill

Promoting affiliate programs can provide you with a good extra income or even a full time income online.

To help you maximize your profit promoting affiliate programs, I've providedrepparttar following tips to help you successfully market your affiliate programs more effectively to your site's visitors.

1. Publish an e-zine.

Running an e-zine will allow you to run prime position ads for your affiliate programs in every issue you publish, and isrepparttar 102535 #1 way for you to follow up with your site's visitors.

You can also easily increase your commissions by sending out special announcements to your subscriber base whenever one ofrepparttar 102536 affiliate programs you promote is offering a special bonus or a special limited time offer.

Once you build up your circulation you can further increase your profits by charging for ad space in your publication.

2. Use a pop up on your site that promotes your e-zine.

Using a pop up as a well as a subscription e-mail or form on your site can substantially increaserepparttar 102537 number of your visitors that subscribe to your publication.

Your pop up will draw your visitors' attention right to your e-zine, and if you offer your visitors free bonuses for subscribing to your e-zine such as free ebooks or free ads you can further increaserepparttar 102538 number of visitors who subscribe to your publication.

3. Offer free e-mail workshops (e-mail courses) to your visitors.

Making e-mail workshops will enable you to effectively promote one or several affiliate programs that offer products that relate torepparttar 102539 subject of your workshop.

Many affiliate programs provide their affiliates with articles to post on their sites or run in their e-zines which you can use to successfully formrepparttar 102540 different parts of your workshop.

If you already write articles, you can easily use your own articles to formrepparttar 102541 different parts of your workshop and transform your articles into yet another powerful marketing tool.

Secrets To Starting Your Own Successful Affiliate Program

Written by JC Anderl

Imagine getting all ofrepparttar benefits of hiring your own sales team without any ofrepparttar 102534 hassles of hiring and managing employees. Sound like a dream come true?

Welcome torepparttar 102535 world of affiliates. That's basically what you are getting when someone signs up as your affiliate. They sell your product however they want, and you just pay them a straight commission. No headaches, no hassles. As long as you do itrepparttar 102536 right way, it can really work wonders. Readrepparttar 102537 following tips on getting your affiliate program up and runningrepparttar 102538 right way.

Get your program setup

You should automaterepparttar 102539 affiliate program with a quality program such as Web Business Wizard. They can keep trac of all your affiliate details for you as well as offering other important services.

If you want to manage your affiliate program yourself, you can buy some CGI scripts at

Pay your affiliates well

There are plenty of affiliate programs onrepparttar 102540 web, but few are worth anyone's time. I've seen programs paying out 2% on a fairly cheap product. That is a waste of time for anyone, and very few people will promote it heavily or for very long if they aren't making money. It is important to make it worth their while for an affiliate to sell your product.

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