How To Maximise Your Customer Flow

Written by John Stanley

The objective of all retailers is to ensure 100% of customers see 100% of product. Sounds straightforward yet in recent research inrepparttar United Kingdom they found that 75% of customers only saw a maximum of 20% ofrepparttar 150123 product. Imagine how sales would improve ifrepparttar 150124 customer flow allowed 100% of customers to see 100% of product.

Your aim as a retailer is to direct your customers around your store, do not allow them to wander without clear direction, if you do, sales will drop off dramatically.

You must create a racetrack and not a runway. A racetrack goes aroundrepparttar 150125 store and exposes customers to all product departments.

A runway goes up and downrepparttar 150126 store and encourages people to speed up and walk faster.

1.Create a Store Layout that Reflects Your Image

Prior to developing your customer flow, you need to establish what image you are aiming to achieve as this will then assist you in deciding what style of layout you should develop.

My aim is not to make you a store designer, this is an area where you should seek expert advice, but you do need to appreciaterepparttar 150127 various styles of retailing.

There are two extreme styles of layout. The two extremes of style are:-

2.The Grid Layout

Supermarkets arerepparttar 150128 experts at this type of layout and this is a simple design to ensure 100% of customers see 100% of product.

3.Informal or Boutique Layout

This layout is common in smaller stores andrepparttar 150129 leading clothing fashion retailers are very skilled at getting consumers to flow around an informal layout

There are obviously stages in design layout between these two extremes, all of which work for different styles of retailing.

4.Position your Checkouts to Direct Customer Flow

The position of checkouts is critical in establishing how customers will flow around your store. When entering a storerepparttar 150130 general reaction is to walk away fromrepparttar 150131 checkout. Ifrepparttar 150132 position ofrepparttar 150133 checkout is wrong you may find you have hidden half your products from your customers.

As a general rule in Australia, New Zealand andrepparttar 150134 United Kingdom, we are accustomed to keeping torepparttar 150135 left. It is therefore advisable to try and establish a clockwise customer flow, finishing with a service counter onrepparttar 150136 right.

The worst scenario in many stores is to place a service counter inrepparttar 150137 prime sight line, this will create a runway torepparttar 150138 counter and reduce browse shopping considerably.

5.Bounce Customers Around Your Store

The aim is to getrepparttar 150139 customer aroundrepparttar 150140 whole store and thereforerepparttar 150141 placement of products or departments is critical.

Are you sick of the Financial Insecurity of Fluctuating Seasons and Income?

Written by Mandy Nield

Finding a stable and secure income that will come year in, year out, no matter what happens onrepparttar farm will give you real peace of mind. By investing off farm, you are not only providing a secure income now, but also preparing for retirement. This IS attainable by all levels of income earners and people of all ages.

I am a farmer’s wife and have lived through some good and bad seasons onrepparttar 150122 farm. If farming was all about money, then we wouldn’t still be here. Most of us farmers genuinely LOVErepparttar 150123 lifestyle that farming brings.

However, being a ‘city girl’ and marrying a farmer, I struggle withrepparttar 150124 insecurity and irregularity of income. These days, you’d have to be a top financial professional to get it right 100% ofrepparttar 150125 time. Some years we seem to have plenty of money and other we’re in debt before we even start paying for seeding expenses (and that doesn’t even includerepparttar 150126 tax due!). Does this sound familiar?

Well, I’ve got some great news for you. I have discovered a way that provides a regular income that is not affected byrepparttar 150127 rainfall! My husband and I have been investing in real estate now for a couple of years and have found that even in bad times, we still have that income to fall back on. This brings real ‘peace of mind.’ Trust me, it’s really not as hard or as expensive, as it sounds, and we as farmers have an extra huge benefit that we can take advantage of, and that is –repparttar 150128 fluctuating seasons and income! (I bet that’s a surprise!)

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