How To Massively Multiply Your Web Exposure AND Position Yourself As An Expert

Written by Debbie LaChusa

What'srepparttar quickest, easiest way to get exposure for your business all acrossrepparttar 146846 web AND turn yourself into an expert, in one fell swoop? The answer is Article Marketing. And if you haven't heard of it, or tried it yet, you're missing one ofrepparttar 146847 most effective and inexpensive marketing strategies available onrepparttar 146848 net.

If you can write, or find someone to write for you or edit your work, you can use Article Marketing to dramatically increase your exposure onrepparttar 146849 web. And you'll immediately start generating all kinds of links to your web site, which will drive qualified traffic to you 24/7.

Andrepparttar 146850 best part is, you can write about ANYTHING. What do you know a lot about? What is your area of expertise? What topic would your prospects love to learn more about? What have you already written about for your web site or newsletter?

Try this exercise to generate 3 articles to start with:

(1) Identify 3 topics you know a lot about

(2) Come up with 5 tips for each topic

You've just outlined three articles you can use to jumpstart your article marketing efforts!

Once you have written these articles there are many places you can post them for free. These are sites visited by web site and newsletter publishers looking for content.

They pick up your articles and include them in their newsletter or on their web site. They include your information and web site address withrepparttar 146851 article, so everyone knows you wrote it and where they can get more information likerepparttar 146852 article they just finished reading.

Help! I Don't Know What to Name My Business

Written by Debbie LaChusa

If you are just starting your business, or if you have just developed a new product or service for an existing business, one ofrepparttar first questions you need to answer is, "What should I name it?" And while you may feel pressure to make this decision quickly, I caution you to not make it lightly. What kind of things should you take into consideration when choosing a name?

Don't Use Your Own Name

Well, first of all, use a name other than your own name. I often see service business professionals opening up shop and simply using their name, andrepparttar 146845 title ofrepparttar 146846 service they offer. For example: Joe Smith, Accountant. I made this mistake myself, early on in my business, operating as Debbie LaChusa, Marketing Consultant. Why don't I recommend this? Because your name means absolutely nothing to your prospects. Often you only have a split second to get a prospect's attention. Makerepparttar 146847 most of that split second by having a name that communicates something of value about your business. Or a name that tells your prospects what your business is all about, or represents a benefit you offer, or how you deliver your service differently or better than your competitors.

Create A Meaningful Name for Your Business

When I was operating without a business name, I remember calling prospects and clients, and havingrepparttar 146848 receptionist ask, "Debbie with what company?" I realized relatively soon that if I wanted to be taken seriously, and I wanted to be quickly understood, I needed a company name. I was trying to build a business after all, and I wanted people to recognize who I was and what I offered. So I started usingrepparttar 146849 name, DLC Marketing and I incorporated to make it official. Now I at least had a real business name, and when I contacted prospects they took me seriously. It was amazingrepparttar 146850 difference it made inrepparttar 146851 number and caliber of clients I was able to land. All of a sudden, I was a company, not an individual. Mind you, nothing else had changed. My services were stillrepparttar 146852 same. I still worked out of my home. I still did not have a staff (although I had to hire partners to help out with all ofrepparttar 146853 work!). But suddenly I came across differently when calling on prospects.

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