How To Market A Seminar

Written by Matt Bacak

Have you ever left a seminar thinking: “I could have done a better job than that!” Before you start signing up attendees, take a few minutes to think about what you are getting into. Putting on a seminar involves planning, time, and money. Understandingrepparttar ins and outs ofrepparttar 145036 industry will go a long way in helping you hold a successful seminar. That’s where I come in. Overrepparttar 145037 past 4 years, I have put on over 4,000 seminars, and a handful of national conventions. I will help you planrepparttar 145038 event, and make sure that someone shows up!

The first thing that you need to consider is your purpose for holdingrepparttar 145039 seminar. Are you trying to make money on ticket sales? Or money afterrepparttar 145040 class? Are you just trying to get people inrepparttar 145041 door? Your goal ofrepparttar 145042 seminar will play a huge role inrepparttar 145043 marketing method that you choose. Don’t be afraid to think outside ofrepparttar 145044 box here. Many companies will try to makerepparttar 145045 most money possible on all fronts. This greedy train of thought will leave your seminar lacking some very important elements. Choose one and stick with it. Many seminar gurus know thatrepparttar 145046 real money inrepparttar 145047 seminar business is inrepparttar 145048 after class sales. This could be follow-up work from your instructor, a subsequent training seminar, an add-on product, etc. You want everyone to leave with something in their hand.

Now that you have your goal set, its time to put butts in chairs! Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that a successful seminar has to cost a lot of money. If your overall goal is to get afterrepparttar 145049 class sales, or fill up a room consider some of these options:

Give it away! It’s a radical idea, but one that I have grown to know and love. By offeringrepparttar 145050 class for free, you eliminate many ofrepparttar 145051 barriers torepparttar 145052 sale. Price is not an issue, and they will expect less from you. That doesn’t mean that you should skimp on content, but their expectations will be considerably lower. If you haverepparttar 145053 resources and time, consider making a pre-seminar call to touch base with everyone that is signed up. This will encouragerepparttar 145054 students to show up on time, and help built a relationship for future sales.

Submit a press release. Create a simple press release (1 page or less) highlighting your company and your seminar. Don’t forget to include your registration phone number. Submit that release to your local paper, and wait forrepparttar 145055 phone to ring. Ifrepparttar 145056 paper decides to pick it up- you get free publicity!

Cross-marketing opportunities. Depending onrepparttar 145057 seminar, you may be able to find cross marketing opportunities. For instance, if you were doing a financial based seminar teaching students how to file their taxes, you could pair up with a local tax preparation office or accountant. They could pick up half ofrepparttar 145058 marketing tab, or advertise to their existing client base. The possibilities are endless. I have had some great results by pairing withrepparttar 145059 local chamber of commerce or bank chains. They will offer their seminar space for free, and help with free advertising.

Stop Buying Email Lists

Written by Michelle Lehoux

The saying “Quality, not Quantity” is applicable even torepparttar world of email marketing. So many organizations are purchasing large databases of email addresses, with hopes to achieve high open rates and sales. The truth is that you are more likely to achieve your campaign goals if you send an email out to 100 targeted individuals than you would to 10,000 randomly purchased email addresses.

There is a common misconception when it comes torepparttar 145035 quantity of emails in your email list. A lot of business owners think thatrepparttar 145036 key to running successful email campaigns is to send their emails out to thousands and thousands of email addresses and this is commonly achieved throughrepparttar 145037 purchase of large databases. This way of thinking about email marketing is wrong and will only result in discouragement and campaign failure.

When you purchase email lists from companies, you can never be too sure how they acquired these email addresses inrepparttar 145038 first place. Often, large databases of email addresses have been collected in ways that are misleading torepparttar 145039 users providing their email addresses. This means thatrepparttar 145040 individuals to whom you are sending your email are not sincerely interested in what you have to say. You also risk being labeled a “spammer”, because spam is essentially what you’d be sending- unwanted email.

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