How To Manage Your Career Like A Business

Written by Gerard McLoughlin

Look upon yourself as a company with a product or service to sell. Understand your market and devise a dynamic marketing campaign, remembering that companies hire employees who offer themrepparttar best results andrepparttar 150660 best value for money.

Begin by identifying your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments. Adopt a customer-focused approach. What benefits and results can you offer employers? Are your skills marketable and up-to-date?

Employers are inrepparttar 150661 market for team-players and problem-solvers. They want to see evidence in your CV or resume of specific, quantifiable accomplishments.

Determine what additional skills you need to develop to make yourself more marketable. Take advantage of all opportunities for continuous learning and professional development.

Successful businesses win customers by developing a unique selling proposition. To give yourself a competitive advantage, analyse what other employees in your field are offering. It is not enough to emulate them; you must strive to differentiate yourself by offering something extra, something unique.

Why Your CV/Resume Is Not Generating Interview Offers

Written by Gerard McLoughlin

If your current CV or resume is not generatingrepparttar interview offers you want, it is time to start assessing it. Check to see thatrepparttar 150659 following descriptors apply: *Begins with a succinct, clearly stated career objective tailored torepparttar 150660 particular job for which you are applying. *Highlights how your skills and qualifications matchrepparttar 150661 company's specific needs.

*Employs appropriate titles for previous jobs to demonstrate clearly that you are suitably qualified forrepparttar 150662 advertised position.

*Gives a concise description of your previous employers - their products, services, industry, etc. - and your role inrepparttar 150663 company.

*Uses PAR statements to describe your accomplishments. P identifiesrepparttar 150664 'problem' you faced; A describesrepparttar 150665 'action' you took to solverepparttar 150666 problem; R describesrepparttar 150667 'result' ofrepparttar 150668 action you took.

*Quantifies your accomplishments using numbers, percentages, etc.

*Makes effective use ofrepparttar 150669 key words and phrases contained inrepparttar 150670 job advertisement to describe your skills and areas of expertise.

*Every sentence starts with an action word, for example: "increased production by 20% while saving 200,000 in operating costs" Examples of effective action words are: compiled, conducted, created, designed, developed, established, implemented, introduced, invented, maintained, negotiated, operated, organized, produced, and published.

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