How To Make Your Visitors Stay

Written by Wanda Loskot

I bet you agree that visiting a colorful web site might be a wonderful or painful experience, depending how long we have to wait to see all that beauty...

Not many people know that slowly loading pages isrepparttar main reason visitors leave web sites right upon arrival. So, keep your own web pages lean in graphics and fast in loading -- you cannot persuade anyone to anything if they don't stay to read your message!

But a few graphics, or no graphics at all, does not mean dull and colorless pages. You can add color and plenty of impact without adding a loading time.

Take a look at this example -- a page packed with colors, yet it loads up in only 3 seconds on a slow 28.8 K modem:

Five Pieces of Information You Must Include on Your Website to Generate Sales

Written by Micah Cranman

One ofrepparttar first things online entrepreneurs have to recognize aboutrepparttar 134659 Internet is that it's a very impersonal medium. When you're selling something to someone in direct conversation, you haverepparttar 134660 opportunity to create rapport and inspire trust in them. You can answer any questions they have, and you can guarantee their satisfaction.

However, onrepparttar 134661 Internet, allrepparttar 134662 customer has to go by is your image and your written word -- in other words, how professional your appearance is and how well you address their concerns. Both are equally important. You've got to providerepparttar 134663 customer with a site that looks nice and has allrepparttar 134664 information that they want.

Designing a professional website is beyondrepparttar 134665 scope of this article, so I won't address it here. However, let's take care ofrepparttar 134666 "information" part. Here'srepparttar 134667 information you need to have on your site to really start generating sales:

1. Clearly stated benefits

Somewhere onrepparttar 134668 site you need to tellrepparttar 134669 customer whyrepparttar 134670 product they're going to buy is better thanrepparttar 134671 competition's and why they should buy it from you specifically. (In other words, with what benefits do you provide them?) This information should be given torepparttar 134672 visitor as soon as possible. (The home page isrepparttar 134673 best place, if possible.)

2. Evidence of superiority

You need to *show them* (not just tell them) that your product (and your company) is superior torepparttar 134674 competition's. You can do this through a free trial of your product, a tour ofrepparttar 134675 product, etc. You also absolutely must use another method: testimonials.

Testimonials are one ofrepparttar 134676 most powerful marketing tools in existence, and by adding them to your site you can increase sales dramatically. (A note about testimonials: you should never, ever make them up, and you should always includerepparttar 134677 full name ofrepparttar 134678 sender and their e-mail or website address when possible.)

3. Answers to their questions

Customers that are interested in your product are typically going to have some questions both aboutrepparttar 134679 product itself and about your company. You can provide answers to most of those questions immediately by creating a Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page on your site. It should be noted thatrepparttar 134680 F.A.Q. page is also a great place to reinforce benefits of your product by wording your questions and answers in a favorable way.

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