How To Make Your Own Gift Baskets

Written by Jennifer Shircel

Havenít you always wanted to give someone a beautiful gift basket, but didnít have a clue how to put one together? Gift baskets are such a wonderful gift and can be given for any occasion. Let me tell you how to make such an amazing gift basket even you wonít believe youíve made it!

First, start with your ďbasketĒ. It doesnít need to be your typical wicker basket, try using a toy dump truck and fill uprepparttar bucket, or use a laundry basket, a plastic container or even a purse, depending onrepparttar 141242 occasion and who itís for.

Next, find your fillers. Make sure that what you buy will fit inside your basket. You wantrepparttar 141243 basket to look like itís overflowing. Great fillers are small plants, disposable cameras, a book or a bottle of champagne (again, depending on who itís for).

Infant Car Seats

Written by Randy Wilson

Findingrepparttar best car seats for your child:
To escape injury in an accident, you will need to pick a seat suitable forrepparttar 141234 child's age and weight. They come in three main categories: infant, infant & toddler convertible and booster seats. Statistics show that most seats are installed incorrectly. Once you have purchased a seat make sure to followrepparttar 141235 directions for proper installation.

Infant Car Seats:
A child under a year old needs to be secured in a rear facing seat. The disadvantage to buying an infant seat is that you will have to buy a convertible seat after your child reaches 20 pounds. An infant seat will cost between $60 and $150. If you are willing to spend more, there are plenty of extra options to choose from. Better quality material and cushioning, infant head inserts and boots, more recline positions and easier installation.

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