How To Make Your Ad Copy More Effective

Written by Ash Trivedi

Telling a story or sharing product and service information is fine in an ad. Butrepparttar bottom line is that you want to close a sale. The difference in ad copy doesn’t have to be earth shattering. It can be very slight, in fact. Here are ways to make your ad a little more effective come closing time. 1. TESTS – Make public knowledgerepparttar 149186 results of your product and service testing. Share how your items stand up againstrepparttar 149187 competition; how durable they are, how safe. Discussrepparttar 149188 quality and unique features. Let people know “why” they should choose your items. And presentrepparttar 149189 material in a professional way with statistics, graphs, before and after photos or other graphic images and a well-written report or case study documented.

2. YOU – While you’re at it, let them know why they should choose you! Don’t hide behind a P.O. Box and Yahoo email address. Add your background information, a nice executive resume, testimonials from clients, work samples, community involvement projects, industry awards, educational courses you continue to take for self improvement, workshops and seminars you attend, etc. let people know who you are. Add a nice, professional photograph of yourself, too, if you like.

Have you Hugged Your Customer Today ?

Written by Lisa M. Cope

I'm not just being mushy! I don't mean literally. What I am saying is customer appreciation isrepparttar best way to create customer loyalty. Good customer service isrepparttar 149152 surest path to success in any business.

Lets face it without customers your business is dead. Repeat customers arerepparttar 149153 life blood of any business. It's a proven fact that happy customers make repeat purchases and not only that they tell all their friends. Which means more customers.

Tell me...

When your happy or excited about a product or service what isrepparttar 149154 first thing you do? You tell every on you know. Right? If you have a great experience withrepparttar 149155 staff at a store or restaurant what do you do? You go back again

What if you have a bad experience? Do you go back? NO! and that's notrepparttar 149156 end you make sure you tell everyone you know you had a hard time and never, NEVER to use that company.

Have you ever walked into a store and been snubbed, totally ignored atrepparttar 149157 check out? What to you do? You walk out with out making a purchase.

Now, how many times have you walked into a store with no intention of making a purchase. You were greeted by a friendly face and a warm courteous atmosphere, then you end up walking out with a bag full of goodies. It's happened to all of us. Good customer service will never go out of style. It's so simple but it is where most business fail.

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