How To Make Satin Pillowcase for Mother's Day

Written by Mary Wilkins

This is a super quick easy sewing idea for a last minute Mother's Day gift. It will take about 10 minutes and evenrepparttar youngest seamstress can make one of these up in no time. A very nice gift too! The satin should be polyester satin (totally washable and throw inrepparttar 116264 dryer). The satin is smooth, and for those who love to have their hair done, this will allow you to keeprepparttar 116265 style a little longer. The satin does not ruffle or fight againstrepparttar 116266 "do."

How To Make Easy Cafe Curtains

Written by Mary Wilkins

Make Cafe Curtains send this project to a friend! These cafe curtains are simple, inexpensive and take almost no time at all. A lovely way to dress up any kitchen window! MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS:

1. First measure your window height. Cafe curtains can cover anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of your window. If you want to coverrepparttar bottom window casing, include that in your measurement.

2. Measure your window width and includerepparttar 116263 casing if that is your choice. Your fullness should be twice to three timesrepparttar 116264 measurement. If your fabric is home dec. fabric-it is heavier and maybe twicerepparttar 116265 fullness is fine. If you are sewing sheers then three timesrepparttar 116266 fullness is what you want.

3. To your height measurement add 6" for bottom hem and 4" for heading. This is how much length in total fabric you need.

4. To your width measurement add 4" for side hems. This isrepparttar 116267 width in total fabric you need.


1. Cut your fabricrepparttar 116268 length you need plusrepparttar 116269 6" for hems.

2. Cut a 4" wide striprepparttar 116270 finished width of your panel.

3. Cut a 3" wide striprepparttar 116271 width of your fabric for loops to hangrepparttar 116272 panel.


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