How To Make New Year's Resolutions That Work

Written by David Brewster

The end of 2001 approaches and I want to set you a challenge. I want you to set yourself one major goal for next year - and I want you to do it now - not on New Year's Eve.

Too hard? lists 113 books onrepparttar subject of 'goal setting', so it must be complicated, mustn't it? The truth is, it's actually very simple.

We all know how to achieve goals. We have known since we were at secondary school and received our first assignment, sat our first exam or competed in our first sporting event. As we became adults and got our first job, we started achieving goals on a regular basis - writing reports, making patients well, designing or building things, completing projects. We achieved goals when we organised parties, weddings, Christmas dinners.

So why do we find ourselves settingrepparttar 124032 same 'big' goals - getting fit, losing weight, getting organised, finding a new job - year after year? Because when it comes to these goals we break allrepparttar 124033 rules that we intuitively apply torepparttar 124034 smaller goals in our everyday lives. In particular, we tend to be far too 'fuzzy' when it comes to defining our goals inrepparttar 124035 first place.

A common framework for defining goals isrepparttar 124036 'S.M.A.R.T.' approach. This approach has been widely used for some time, with variations. It is simple and easy to apply, which is why I like it.

'S' stands for SPECIFIC. This isrepparttar 124037 first hurdle at which we often fall. Day-to-day goals are usually implicitly specific: 'provide Christmas dinner forrepparttar 124038 family', 'provide report to client'. 'Big' goals are often non- specific: 'get fit', 'grow my business'. A personal goal of mine is to participate inrepparttar 124039 7-day cross-country 'Great Victorian Bike Ride'. This is a more specific version of 'get fit', because I know that I have to be fit to achieve it.

MEASURABLE is a particularly important aspect of successful 'big' goals. Not only do we need to be able to measurerepparttar 124040 final result, we also need to be able to set intermediate goals and measure our progress. If a business goal is to 'double turnover to $1 million in 12 months', monthly targets can be set overrepparttar 124041 12-month period, which step up to that level. While riding inrepparttar 124042 Bike Ride can be measured simply on a scale of 'done or not done', actually achieving it will requirerepparttar 124043 capability to ride about 100 km per day for a few days in a row. Now I have something to plot my progress against.

ACCEPTABLE brings your personal and/or business values intorepparttar 124044 equation. Your goal must be, first and foremost, YOUR goal - not something you are trying to achieve under duress or on someone else's behalf. Further, your goal, andrepparttar 124045 resources (including time and money) required to achieve it, must fit within your overall life situation and values. For example, your commitment to family/work balance will often determine how many hours you can put into your business.

Bullet Proof Yourself

Written by Josh Hinds

Bullet proof yourself - No, I'm not talking kevlar here :-). Instead I am talking aboutrepparttar importance of developing in yourself, multiple skills. You might choose start a little side business. A good friend of mine started a lawn care business as a way to supplement his "real job". If business keeps up he'll be in a position to do it full time.

The key here is that he didn't start out trying to changerepparttar 124031 world with his business idea. Instead, he gave life torepparttar 124032 business idea. He started working it, and as a result he's reapingrepparttar 124033 rewards. Simply put, find a need in your area, and look for ways to fill those needs.

Perhaps you opt instead to gorepparttar 124034 route of continued education. In this case you might decide on adult education courses, certificate programs, correspondence classes, or even an online university to finish or start a degree. Who knows, a combination of some or allrepparttar 124035 ideas might be your choice. The possibilities are endless. It's up to us to take advantage of them.

Rather then focus to much on specific options, I want to drill homerepparttar 124036 point thatrepparttar 124037 skills we cultivate in ourselves really can increaserepparttar 124038 number of options we have available to us in life.

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