How To Make Money on the Internet Without Creating Your Own Product

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

Writing a book is an effort that not everyone takes pleasure in. Creating software takes special skills and patience. If you can't write and can't program, does it mean you can't start an online business? Absolutely not.

Luckily, there is a wonderful thing called Reprint Rights. You don't have to write a word - just purchaserepparttar resell rights to someone else's work and start an instant business.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are Reprint Rights? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I first learned about reprint rights from Ken Evoy's "Make

Your Knowledge Sell" and thought, "what an amazing concept!" You don't have to know how to write, or spend months creating a quality product. You can just buyrepparttar 117893 rights to it and keep 100% ofrepparttar 117894 profits, without paying any royalties or reporting your sales figures to anyone.

Compared to any other business, launching an information selling company has a very low start up cost. The key is to choose a product that fits your interests, is of high quality and in demand. The rest will be up to your desire to succeed and persistence.

If you already have a product to sell, find a product with reprint rights that would make a good bonus, addition, or a back-end for your business. For example, if you are selling a $10 report about successful golf playing, a good back-end product could be titled "Advanced Techniques ofrepparttar 117895 World's Best Golf Players" priced at $50 or higher (forgive me if I am way off - I know nothing about golf ;-).

You could also work backwards - first find a good product you want to purchaserepparttar 117896 rights to, then write a report that would serve as an introduction/sales letter to it. Then give it away or sell it at a low price. That's what I did with my "First Business Web Site in 10 days!". After I finished writing it, I created a short version of this book (and turned a 120 pages manual into a small 15-page book) and started giving it away on my web site under a different title ("The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Starting a Web Site").

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to make money with a product you purchasedrepparttar 117897 rights to ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Many people buy rights to a product but never do anything to make it a success. You MUST treat it as your own product to make it profitable.

- First, choose a quality product (purchase a copy for yourself first to review) that fits into your interests, or your existing web site theme

- Make sure you are absolutely impressed with it so you could write a great ad copy (though many products already come with a sample sales copy)

- Create a simple web site using an easy-to-use web editor

- Find a way to take payments online (many people use inexpensive services of ClickBank, iBill, and OrderButton)

- Promote it (subscribe to free marketing e-zines and experiment to findrepparttar 117898 most effective ways to advertise it)

While you don't have to create a product (what a great shortcut!) you still have to promote it to sell. There is plenty of free publications and forums onrepparttar 117899 Internet that can teach you how to do it, if you can devote 1-2 hours each day untilrepparttar 117900 desired level of income is reached.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Buying cheap rights vrs. Expensive ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The first time I purchased resell rights, I could only afford a $49.95 package. The deal looked great! I was getting over 25 books to own and resell as my own. Only a few weeks later did I realize that everyone and their dog are sellingrepparttar 117901 same books. The products were still great and if you purchase them forrepparttar 117902 sake of learning business and online marketing, it's a bargain. After purchasing this package I sold it to at least 10 happy customers, thus making $450.00 on a $49.95 investment.

To build a successful business reselling these books, though, would be very difficult since hundreds of other people are selling it on their web sites.

Yes, $49.95 is very affordable to anyone who wants to start an online business. Butrepparttar 117903 cheaperrepparttar 117904 reprint rights are, repparttar 117905 more people are able to afford them, thus you will have more competitors sellingrepparttar 117906 same product. So if you findrepparttar 117907 price is a bit steep, think ofrepparttar 117908 advantages: not every average "joe" who might not even be serious about business will purchase these rights. And if you do, you will have only a few competitors and your marketing efforts will pay off much better.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where to find products with reprint rights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How to Create, Sell and Distribute Your Own Informational Product

Written by Shelley Lowery

Withrepparttar rising popularity ofrepparttar 117892 Internet, there is absolutely no better time than right now to develop your own informational product. Not only is there no better time, but it has never been any easier for anyone to develop and sell their own products. Information isrepparttar 117893 number one best-selling product onrepparttar 117894 Internet. There are literally hundreds of Internet entrepreneurs quietly making a fortune simply by selling information. The first step in creating your product is to decide upon a subject. Select a subject in which you have a great deal of knowledge. The knowledge you have within your own mind is extremely valuable. Simply write about what you know and teach others how to dorepparttar 117895 same thing. It's that simple. Creating an Outline The easiest way to begin writing is to create an outline. Begin your outline with an opening statement or Introduction followed by a Foreword. Your opening statement might tell your readers a little bit about what they are going to learn or may be a statement in regard torepparttar 117896 subject matter. Your Foreword might include information in regard to who you are, your credentials, copyrights, and what you want your readers to learn. Your next step will be to either create a Table of Contents or go directly into creating your Chapter Titles. If you're writing your information inrepparttar 117897 form of a how-to manual, you may want to use a Table of Contents. This will enable your readers to quickly locate important information. If you're writing your information inrepparttar 117898 form of a book, then you can leave outrepparttar 117899 Table of Contents and simply use Chapter Titles. Whether you're using a Table of Contents or Chapter Titles, write your titles so that when they're read, they tellrepparttar 117900 story. In other words, when you scan your titles they will give you a step by step description of what your information is all about. Finally, atrepparttar 117901 bottom of your outline, wrap everything up by including a closing statement. Once you've completed your outline you can begin filling inrepparttar 117902 spaces. Write your text in small blocks and leave a space between your paragraphs. Select a font that is easy to read and use black text on a white background. In addition, write in an everyday language that everyone can understand. Delivering Your Information In order to deliver your information to your customers, you'll need to compress it into a downloadable file, better known as an ebook. There are different types of compilation methods however, for this example we will focus on HTML compiled ebooks. Ebooks or electronic books are self-contained "executable" files of HTML. This HTML may be a web site you've created or HTML you've specifically prepared to be compiled into a downloadable .exe file for distribution. When downloaded, this file will self install on your clients desktop. Your first step in creating your ebook will be to turn your text into HTML. Simply divide your text into sections such as, Introduction, Table of Contents, Chapters, etc., and create a web page for each. Make sure you include good navigational links to and from each page you create. You can include graphics, live links, and almost everything that HTML 4.0 supports. Selecting a Compiler There are many good ebook compilers available onrepparttar 117903 Internet,

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