How To Make MORE Money After Your Auction Is Over!

Written by Karol Gajda

***************************************************************** How To Make MORE Money After Your Auction Is Over! *****************************************************************

Here'srepparttar scenario: You just sold a widget for $15.78. It cost you $8. Not too bad a profit, huh? But wouldn't you like to at least try to make a little bit more?

If your auction business is running on very tight margins, then even getting an extra 10 cents per auction could do wonders for you, am I right?

One ofrepparttar 117467 ways to add a bit of cha-ching to your auction business (the other ways will be written about inrepparttar 117468 future) isrepparttar 117469 following:

In my end of auction e-mail I include an affiliate link to a Web site, or to one of my own Web sites.

What do I mean?

Well, let's say it was me who just soldrepparttar 117470 $15.78 widget.

Afterrepparttar 117471 auction is over I sendrepparttar 117472 winning bidder an e-mail congratulating him or her on their win and explaining to them how to proceed with payment.

But right inrepparttar 117473 middle ofrepparttar 117474 e-mail I include a little money maker that looks like this:

----------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for products to sell on eBay?! Look no further thanrepparttar 117475 Drop Ship Source Directory. Find thousands upon thousands of awesome products...and you don't have to pay for them until you make a sale! Click here for more information: racker.cgi?dsnews -----------------------------------------------------------------

See how easy that was?

Now if somebody purchases a membership torepparttar 117476 Drop Ship Source Directory I get paid without barely having to do a thing!

*Side note: The Drop Ship Source Directory is an awesome affiliate program to join, and it's free. You make over $17 per sale! And you also get paid for sales your affiliates make.

3 Ways To Collect Email Addresses From Your Visitors

Written by Joe Reinbold

One ofrepparttar most important keys to success in online marketing is building your own opt-in list of potential and prior customers. For those that are just starting out online, this process should start even before you start planning to publish your own ezine/newsletter.

As you launch your business you can begin to build your opt-in list in order to followup with these prospects and customers. It doesn't have to be a formal ezine initially, it can just be a once a month update on new products and services. When your list starts to increase to a good size then you can consider a formal ezine.

We started with 300+ email addresses of associates and customers who we did business with offline. Today our list has 15,000+ subscribers and is growing steadily.

So how do you capturerepparttar 117466 addresses. Here are a few ofrepparttar 117467 standard ways that we capture them:

1. A Web Site Sign Up Form

Place a sign up form on every page of your website. Or at a minimum have a "subscribe" link on every page that goes to a separate subscription page. Make sure that you just don't put "subscribe to our ezine". That means nothing to me when I see it. Why should I sign up? Just a short description will greatly increase your subscription rate. For instance. using "Weekly Marketing Tips and Techniques emailed to you! Subscribe Today" would be better than "Subscribe to Our Ezine".

2. Free Information Giveaways

Give something away free like a free report with information that is geared to your site's content. Ensure that they have to requestrepparttar 117468 information so you capture their email address.

Use an autoresponder to deliverrepparttar 117469 information automatically. There are lots of free autoresponder services out there. That wayrepparttar 117470 information is available aroundrepparttar 117471 clock. With most good services you will receive a information copy as soon as someone requestsrepparttar 117472 information and it will have their email address in it.

But, and this is important, just don't send themrepparttar 117473 free information. Make sure that atrepparttar 117474 end of your autoresponder text that you send them, there is a short blurb about your website services/products and your ezine if you have one. But don't over do it. I like to just keep it to one or two little ads.

Another important item is that you SHOULD NOT just addrepparttar 117475 person's email address to your opt-in list or ezine. This would make it easy for them to file a SPAM complaint since they didn't ask to be on your list. Offer themrepparttar 117476 ability to get future mailings from you as indicated above inrepparttar 117477 mailing itself. You want to create a true opt-in list.

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