How To Make A Wheat Heating Pad

Written by Christine Miserandino

How to Make a Wheat Heating Pad Ingredients for this project:

Any thick material (this project calls for 18",but you can makerepparttar heating pad any size you want) sewing machine or needle and thread Flax seed or wheat Essential oil *optional

We have all seen those microwave heating pads selling inrepparttar 139773 stores for big bucks, and I always thought "Boy I wish I knew how to make one" They look so easy to make.

It's pretty easy to make a wheat bag heating pad - all you need is some strong material like cotton, canvas or tartan, as long as there's no give in it, so it doesn't stretch! Keep in mind, it needs to be pretty thick so whenrepparttar 139774 wheat is heated (and it gets pretty hot) that you don't burn yourself.

Once you pick your material, cut a square about 18" each side and fold it in half so it's inside out. It will be oblong shape. Stitch down one short side andrepparttar 139775 long side. A sewing machine works best as you need short stitches close together, sorepparttar 139776 wheat doesn't come out. If you stitch by hand go over it again to make surerepparttar 139777 stitches are tight. Next, turn itrepparttar 139778 right way in sorepparttar 139779 seam is onrepparttar 139780 inside. You will need to buy some Flax seed or Wheat. They need to berepparttar 139781 whole kernel. Fillrepparttar 139782 bag about 1/2 way, then stitchrepparttar 139783 one side that is left, sealing it tight.

If you are handy with sewing, and don't mind a little extra work, you might want to dividerepparttar 139784 bag into sections. Maybe in 4- put in 1/4 of your seeds then stitchrepparttar 139785 bag 1/4 ofrepparttar 139786 way up, drop in another 1/4 ofrepparttar 139787 seeds and stitch those in, repeating forrepparttar 139788 rest, so you will have 4 compartments full of seeds, instead of one big one. Then you will have seeds fairly distributed throughout your hand made heating pad! This isn't necessary- but a great tip.

Identity Theft

Written by James Dimmitt

LexisNexis, a provider of personal and financial data, recently reported thatrepparttar personal information of as many as 310,000 people nationwide may have been stolen. This figure is nearly 10 times higher thanrepparttar 139673 original figure disclosed last month byrepparttar 139674 company.

ChoicePoint Inc., another consumer data collection service, stated 145,000 people in their database were possibly exposed to identity thieves earlier this year. At DSW Shoe Warehouse, officials acknowledged stolen credit information at 103 of its 175 stores nationwide. Hackers have also targeted databases at California State University as well asrepparttar 139675 University of California, San Diego.

Many consumers now fear that usingrepparttar 139676 internet puts them at a higher risk of identity theft. However, surveys have shown that only 10 percent of known identity theft cases have resulted from online fraud. Dumpster diving along with phone scams account for far more ID theft thanrepparttar 139677 internet.

In fact you can userepparttar 139678 internet to help protect yourself from this crime in three unique ways:

1) View your banking and credit accounts online.

Almost all banks and credit card companies have secure web sites that allow you to view your statements and activity safely online. Secure sites are those that begin with https// or display a padlock icon on your computer screen.

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