How To Make A Full Shoulder Turn When You're Not Young Or Flexible

Written by Joe Pena

This article is going to be somewhat controversial. It might even be considered sacrilege to some. Read on.

Do you envy golfers who can addressrepparttar ball, keep their hips from turning, yet turn their left shoulder well behindrepparttar 149591 ball? Well, what if you could create maximum shoulder turn (which we all know is a major contributor to a more powerful golf swing), without doing anything to enhance your flexibility?

Sounds impossible doesn't it? And it can be if you're inflexible (or too lazy to work on your flexibility). Don't worry, I'm not going to try to shame you into stretching like a rubber band. Instead, I'm going to point out something that Bobby Jones did, something his contemporaries did too, like "Slammin" Sam Sneed for instance.

Know what it is?

Before I tell you, it's important that you know it's not being "taught" inrepparttar 149592 modern golf swing. The modern golf swing emphasizes strength and flexibility. That'srepparttar 149593 state ofrepparttar 149594 game today atrepparttar 149595 highest levels. And sincerepparttar 149596 highest levels influence teaching methods forrepparttar 149597 rest ofrepparttar 149598 golfing world, that's why this is not being taught.

Pre Season Football Betting

Written by Daniel B. King

So you want to betrepparttar Pre Season? Or maybe you don't! But betting on pre season football can be a profitable time for bettors.

The most common error is that, in betting terms, bettors treatrepparttar 149552 pre season likerepparttar 149553 regular season, when in fact they are two very different things.

Think about it - duringrepparttar 149554 regular season everything is onrepparttar 149555 line, jobs, reputations - for players and coaches - their very existence.

Duringrepparttar 149556 pre-season - nothing is really onrepparttar 149557 line. The pre season is not about 'winning' really (for most coaches) it is about sorting out your team, it's about finding out who is best played where -repparttar 149558 players a coach intends using. It is a time for experimentation.

Even if a coach has a fair idea of who he wants to play and how he wants to play - why let on torepparttar 149559 opposing team?

Well there are occasions where a new coach might do this - some new coaches like to win to impress their owners and get off to flying start..

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