How To Maintain Your Love Affair ... With Your Dog Part One - Training

Written by Peggie Arvidson-Dailey

How to Maintain Your Love Affair with Your Dog - Training Tips for a Happy and Healthy Relationship with Your Canine Companion © 2004-2005 by Peggie Arvidson-Dailey

When I first laid eyes on my little ball of black fluff at an adoption fair, I knew there was no turning back. My husband and I had been looking for justrepparttar right dog for months, and allrepparttar 142098 research and networking had finally paid off. There was no doubt in my mind that we had foundrepparttar 142099 most perfect, precious four-legged family member inrepparttar 142100 world.

As luck would have it,repparttar 142101 adoption fair was right aroundrepparttar 142102 corner from our home, this gave us a great opportunity for a home visit atrepparttar 142103 end ofrepparttar 142104 event. I ran home, scrubbed and cleaned and did everything I could to make sure our home was ‘puppy worthy’. As soon as she arrived with her foster mom,repparttar 142105 puppy made sure to let us know she was inrepparttar 142106 right place…but more about that later.

How Picky Can Your Cat Really Be?

Written by Julia Imaeva

Most of pet owners know that their much loved four-legged members ofrepparttar family come with a lot of personality and unique, sometimes almost human-like behavior. For instance, my cat would act as a peacemaker when she smellsrepparttar 142064 human fight. If I become angry and start raising my voice duringrepparttar 142065 conversation with someone, she would just jump on my legs and slightly scratch me in an attempt to cool me off. I am sure that people can tell us plenty of such examples of interesting pet behavior. But do they realize that their pets can be very picky when it comes to choosing a new friend?

They do it using such criteria as smell, size, gender, age and even appearance. In fact, they can even discriminate other animals according torepparttar 142066 color ofrepparttar 142067 fur among other things, as I soon discovered about my new cat.

When I first brought home my jet black panther-looking cat Regina, I was so excited to have her in my house until I realized that she might feel lonely and need someone to play with her. So, I started to look around for a good match for her. I opened uprepparttar 142068 flier and foundrepparttar 142069 advertisement for “Very cute cat to good home” and responded to it. Naively assuming that all cats that are cute and mellow will get along just fine, I brought him home. Almost immediately upon bringing him home Regina jumped intorepparttar 142070 air with him screaming and hissing. I was surprised to findrepparttar 142071 ugly side of my otherwise calm and sweet cat’s nature and immediately knew this would not work out. Later there were more cats: a white one, gray one, even multicolored cats, different ages and genders – althoughrepparttar 142072 U.N. or Jesse Jackson would have been proud; it was alwaysrepparttar 142073 same story. Either they would fight or Regina would simply rejectrepparttar 142074 cat outright. I began to think that my unassuming cat was “racist” or maybe just a loner.

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