How To Leverage Your Email Campaign With A Trade Show!

Written by Stuart Urwin

I used a combination of an email campaign and attendance at a Trade Show recently to get a 14.8% success rate for a client.

Here's how it happened.

The Trade Show --------------

I attended a major trade show recently,repparttar International Online Show in London. I wanted to follow up a very successful email campaign I had put together for a client.

The client is an information consultancy, who wanted to extend their operations by obtaining a small number of representation agreements in Scandinavia.

The Online Show, a Business to Business show held in December, focuses on Online Information andrepparttar 109670 Internet.

It consists of meetings and seminars, together with an exhibition which brings togetherrepparttar 109671 major information suppliers from aroundrepparttar 109672 World - online hosts, major publishers, software houses, a few ISPs, and so on.

The Show visitors are information users - 20,000 or so information professionals, librarians, end users, consultants, academics and students - from all overrepparttar 109673 World.

It's an event whererepparttar 109674 exhibitors are keen to show their latest product offerings, to meet customers and to investigaterepparttar 109675 possibilities of forging new deals.

I wanted to userepparttar 109676 Show as a way of meeting several companies on one trip, and in one place. The alternative would have been a number of expensive trips to several parts of Europe andrepparttar 109677 USA.

The Email Campaign -------------------

First, we sent out a mailing shot, by e-mail, to 54 companies , who we thought would be interested in being represented in Scandinavia.

8 organisations responded torepparttar 109678 mailing, all of whom wanted to meet atrepparttar 109679 Show. That's a response rate of 14.8% - a great performance.

8 meetings were held, all of which were followed by offers of representation agreements.

The client is now following up withrepparttar 109680 offers of most interest.

------------------------------------------------- So, why was this specific campaign so successful? Here are some ofrepparttar 109681 reasons: -------------------------------------------------

Email on the Road

Written by Richard Lowe

If you are anything like me, then you've come to depend on email. In fact, I must read my email several times a day or I feel very uncomfortable. This applies to both my email from work (which I check a few times after I get home and on weekends) and my personal email (which I might check once or twice fromrepparttar office.

Why is it important? Well, email is communication, and I love to communicate. I write emails at home to discuss my articles and web site, to talk to family and friends, and to order products or get support. At work I use it constantly to deliver tasks torepparttar 109669 people who work on my team, answer questions fromrepparttar 109670 boss, and keep in contact with my vendors, users and peers.

One ofrepparttar 109671 problems that I face when attempting to get to my email in either location is how to accessrepparttar 109672 POP server (a POP server isrepparttar 109673 place where your messages are stored until you read them in your email client).

What you need to do is use one ofrepparttar 109674 web based email services which allow you to read your email messages from any POP server. See "Free stuff Headquarters - Email" for a list of services which are available. In addition, your own ISP or web host may provide this functionality for you.

It's easy to set this up once you've settled on a service. They will need you to enter your email address, account name, password and POP server name. Before you enter this data, you may want to be sure your service is secure while you are filling outrepparttar 109675 form. Basically, before you pressrepparttar 109676 SUBMIT button, see ifrepparttar 109677 URL begins with "https" orrepparttar 109678 little lock is shown in a locked position. If so, you are fine. If not, you may be transmitting your password inrepparttar 109679 clear, which means it could be intercepted by an evildoer.

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