How To Keep Your Computer Virus Free

Written by Otis F. Cooper

Computer viruses can and do strike at any moment. They assault your computer by destroying data,and rendering your system useless.The very first line of defense is to boost your knowledge of these well hidden malicious codes.

Malicious codes come in three basic formulas.Viruses are small programs that reproduce themselves forrepparttar purpose of causing some damage.

Trojan Horses are disguised as gifts which may come as an attachment in your email.Once ran its purpose is to cause do harm to your system as well.

Then you may come in contact with does worms which cause damage by copying themselves over networks as wells as individual systems.These codes alters not just one system but several within a network.

After you enhance your knowledge of malicious code, knowrepparttar 107772 symptoms of an infected system.Strange PC behavior,an increase or decrease of data in a file, pop up messages,random graphics,and files being deleted are some symptoms of your system having a virus.

The best way to find and remove viruses is withrepparttar 107773 installation popular anti virus software from Norton or McAfee.These programs readily identify infections as well as promptly remove them.

Norton Anti vitus installs easy and a configuration wizard runs afterrepparttar 107774 computer has been re-booted. This software offers several options that give yourepparttar 107775 best virus scanning options.Userepparttar 107776 neat update feature to keep up with allrepparttar 107777 new viruses.Their user friendly configuration leave no doubt in what and how you want this software to perform.

What To Do When Windows Won't Boot

Written by Otis F. Cooper

When Windows fails to boot it is normally caused by you installing a program or device and it has caused a conflict with one or more other programs. This will no doubt give you plenty of heartache if you're not certain which program caused Windows to not boot up.

If you recently installed a program or application and know where it was installed,you may be in much better shape as for as correctingrepparttar error. Here are common ways to correctrepparttar 107771 problem of your computer not completely booting up or not booting up at all.

If your computer will not boot-up at all,hopefully you have made a good emergency boot disk. You can always make a windows startup disk by creating one from another computer running Windows 98 or Me.Performrepparttar 107772 following if your computer won't Boot-Up At All.

FIRST......Put your boot floppy disk inrepparttar 107773 floppy drive and turn onrepparttar 107774 PC.On some computers, you may have to accessrepparttar 107775 bios and selectrepparttar 107776 Boot priority to your A: drive.Save any changes and select "Start Computer without CDROM support" and press Enter.Once you are atrepparttar 107777 A prompt,type dir c: and press enter.

If your programs and other files are present,try restoring your system Registry by followingrepparttar 107778 steps below.This may repair Windows,the Config. Sys and autoexec.bat files to whererepparttar 107779 PC may boot up normally.Whenrepparttar 107780 files are present,its a good indication of a good hard drive.

SECOND......To correctrepparttar 107781 problem of your computer not booting up,type in "fdisk /mbr" and press Enter to restore your master boot record.Type "Scandisk C:" to checkrepparttar 107782 hard drive for errors that have occurred. You can also type "Sys C:" to hopefully restore files needed to boot up your computer.

THIRD......Ifrepparttar 107783 above procedures fail to repair your computer,you can repeatrepparttar 107784 first part of step one above and select "Start Computer With CDROM Support" re-install Windows.

Making A Windows XP Bootable Floppy Windows XP users should create a boot disk now by placing a formatted blank diskette inrepparttar 107785 A: drive, open Windows Explorer torepparttar 107786 C:,select Tools,Folder Options ,show Hidden files and and folders,then View Tab. Now you uncheck "Hide Protected Operating System Files (recommended).You will see a warning and click Yes and click OK.Copyrepparttar 107787 files ntldr, and boot.ini ontorepparttar 107788 disk.Removerepparttar 107789 disk and label itrepparttar 107790 Windows XP Boot Disk.

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