How To Keep More Of Your Visitors

Written by Said Rouhani

Did you know that most of your visitors probably never go beyond your homepage? And a lot of them leave within ten seconds of hitting your homepage, NEVER to return again?

These are wasted visitors, and you must do everything possible to reducerepparttar waste, or you'll simply miss out on a great amount of profits.

Luckily, there are a couple of effective tactics you can employ to prevent visitors turning their backs on your site. I've outlined ten of them in this article. The basic strategy is two-fold: 1) Trying to keep people on your site 2) Getting them to subscribe to your mailing list.

Here we go:

1. Make it a priority to collect opt-in email addresses

Your number one marketing priority onrepparttar 134679 Web should be to build your opt-in mailing list. This is where most of your customers will come from. And best thing is, once they're on your list you can sell to them over and over. Include a subscription form for your ezine on EVERY page of your Web site (check out my own site for an example of this - pay attention torepparttar 134680 left hand margin).

2. Put up testimonials

Put up a couple of shining testimonials right on your homepage. Interject your homepage copy with a couple of these testimonials. Addrepparttar 134681 names and email addresses ofrepparttar 134682 persons who wroterepparttar 134683 testimonial to boost credibility (ask them first though). Remember: NEVER fake a testimonial! Not only is it unethical, but it'll show through. And if I'm not mistaken, it is also an illegal practice.

3. Don't link out on your homepage

Keep ALL links on your homepage internal. In other words, don't give visitors a way out so they wont leave as soon as they arrive.

4. Make your headline stand out

Your homepage headline should be in large font type, and very attention grabbing, while atrepparttar 134684 same time hype-free. Study some great sales letters you've come across onrepparttar 134685 Web. You'll soon realize that one ofrepparttar 134686 things they all have in common is a headline that just makes you WANT to know more about whatever product/service is being offered.

5. Work on your copy

The most powerful selling tool at your disposal are WORDS. You need to get your copy perfectly tight (especiallyrepparttar 134687 homepage). This is not an overnight process. It takes several weeks (and even longer) of trial and error to get it right. Check your log files after each change to find out how many people leave your site via your homepage. Make it your mission to reduce this number, until you've hit such "tightness" that you can't get it any better. Take some free online copy writing courses to learn how to improve your copy (I've listed a couple on my site). Whatever you do, write for your TARGET audience!


Written by Ronni Rhodes

"A horse is a horse, of course, of course, his name is Mister Ed!" Do any of you remember that silly jingle fromrepparttar television show?

That's not really important anyway. What IS important is that Ed,repparttar 134678 talking horse, was quite a phenomenon back inrepparttar 134679 60's. Ed talked, reasoned and displayed traits unlike any of his animal brethren.

There is a lesson here, of course. Millions of people watched Mr. Ed every week just because he WAS different. And that leads us right smack-dab into a discussion about your banner advertising campaigns.

Those poor maligned banners. Oncerepparttar 134680 darlings of Internet advertisers, they've really been getting bad-rapped lately due to their failure to lure web surfers into clicking-thru and creating sales. But is itrepparttar 134681 fault ofrepparttar 134682 banners or have they become so ubiquitous thatrepparttar 134683 surfer hardly notices them? Why don't we make those banners so inviting and entertaining that users won't be able to click fast enough?

I think that content providers are too focused on consumers as "sets of eyeballs." We need to look at these people first as users and, secondly, as members of our online audience. And audiences have come to expect advertising wrapped in a very entertaining package. An essential part of that package is streaming audio.

Streaming audio has become a whole new industry forrepparttar 134684 Web. As more and more people listen to music online and web-based radio, advertisers are taking notice. These listeners, fondly called "streamies," are devoted Internet users and active online shoppers. They are a valuable audience as they're 70 percent more likely to have made an online purchase than a non-streamie. Arbitron Internet Information Services says that streamies are quite ready to accept web advertising in exchange for free programming, and they're more receptive and influential targets.

How can we begin to use these statistics to leveragerepparttar 134685 effectiveness of banner ads?

Java based audio presentations can be fully integrated into your banner advertising. Why Java based, you ask? Most important isrepparttar 134686 fact that no plug-in or complicated player installation is required onrepparttar 134687 part ofrepparttar 134688 viewer. (The "impulse to click" is not thwarted byrepparttar 134689 user having to take additional actions.) The size of Java files are relatively small as well thereby minimizingrepparttar 134690 page load issue. And, because Java is cross platform, you can be comfortable knowing thatrepparttar 134691 majority of visitors will be able to enjoyrepparttar 134692 presentation. Java is versatile and works well with almost any application.

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