How To Keep It Working Longer

Written by Robin Edwards

How To Keep It Working Longer

Water Heaters

Water enter a hot-water heater has mineral deposits that settle inrepparttar bottom ofrepparttar 100173 tank. You can increaserepparttar 100174 life time span by drainingrepparttar 100175 sedliment fromrepparttar 100176 bottom every other month.

However, unless you have been doing this to start with on your newer water heater. Don't began now- If it's an older modelrepparttar 100177 sediment is already their and has been for a time.

If it's more then 5 years old, there already is a buildup of sediment that may clogrepparttar 100178 drain and cause it to leak.The drain value can be replaced (you can find these parts at your local hardware store)

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