How To Increase Sales With Your Own Email Course

Written by Kevin Nunley

Millions of people loverepparttar Internet because it offers them so much free information. People used to grabrepparttar 125244 phone book, pick up a newspaper, or callrepparttar 125245 library when they had a question. Now vast numbers log on and findrepparttar 125246 information online.

You can harness this massive and powerful demand for free information. Use it to build your base of customers and prospects. Use your ability to provide free information to build image, customer confidence, brand recognition, and sales.

Get and use your own email course. This is an all-time favorite with Internet users. Courses can be nothing more than a few successive email messages that give readers information on a particular topic.

Most courses are seven messages long, although some are as short as three messages and many have ten or more. Use a multiple autoresponder to send your messages automatically. I find it is best to have a lesson arrive every day or every other day.

If your messages show up every other day, you keep your name and information in front of customers for a full two weeks. That gives prospectsrepparttar 125247 time they need to carefully consider your offer and decide to buy. You makes sales in many cases where customers would have forgotten your name, your site, and your offer.

If you don't have a newsletter, offer an email course to keep your information in front of people until it has time to make an impact.

Your email course makes an excellent free bonus for people who subscribe to your newsletter or request your sales information. Whenrepparttar 125248 page comes up that says "thanks for subscribing," include a box where people can type their email address to get your free course.

How can you get your own email course? The easiest way is to offer a course someone else has written. Many course authors don't mind if you use their course as long as you keep their contact and promotional information in tact. Ask permission.

3 Ways to Increase Your Traffic Today

Written by Dr. Roger Wilcox

1. Instant Stickiness

Adding some type of interactivity to your site will increase your "return visit rate". Re-attracting your current visitors arerepparttar easiest way to increase your traffic. That's right - getrepparttar 125243 people who are visiting your site now to come back time and again.

It's been said that most web sales don't occur onrepparttar 125244 first visit to your site. If this is true, getting people to come back to your site should increase your sales dramatically.

Here is a great place where you can find hundreds of tools for adding stickiness to your site:

The only catch is that you'll have to "configure" any of these CGI scripts on your site. This can be quite tricky!

2. Robotize Your ROI.

I think we've all heard this before: "tracking your ads is critical".

Any marketing guru worth her weight in salt would agree. We've all seenrepparttar 125245 math. We know allrepparttar 125246 "why's". Why, then, don't we do it?

Well, it's simple: we're lazy! To top it off, tracking your ads is not easy. Takingrepparttar 125247 time to create various campaigns, track their effectiveness, and calculaterepparttar 125248 results is a real chore.

Luckily, there is a tool that will make this job easier. "Easier", I say, not "easy". Nothing will make it a walk inrepparttar 125249 park, but ROIbot will automaterepparttar 125250 most tedious aspects of testing for you:

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