How To Increase Home Office Productivity

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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Working at home is not always as easy as people with "normal" jobs might think. There are hundreds of distractions home workers must struggle against. Whether it's your screaming kids and telemarketers or justrepparttar constant hunger pains from knowingrepparttar 117417 refrigerator is just behind you. Onlyrepparttar 117418 most diligent worker will get any work done at all.

So what do freelancers do to stay productive in their home office? They either lock themselves in their rooms chained to a desk or follow a few guidelines.

**Home Office Design - Home office design should never be overlooked. If you decide to just simply place your computer onrepparttar 117419 kitchen counter, expect to raidrepparttar 117420 refrigerator every 15 minutes, wash dishes, moprepparttar 117421 floor, and wipe counters. You need to understand that a home and a home office serve different purposes. When you design your home office, try to keep them as distinct as possible.

**Dress Forrepparttar 117422 Occasion - You have seen this cause and effect before in school children. Dress a child up nice and their behavior changes forrepparttar 117423 better. If you wear sweatpants and a ripped t-shirt you will feel like just lounging around. Try dressing up in work clothing. Dressing in work clothes creates a professional atmosphere. Plus, would you vegitate onrepparttar 117424 couch in a dress?

**Create Schedules - Work from home changesrepparttar 117425 set 9 to 5 schedule. When you work at home you could easily find yourself working till 2 AM every morning. Your schedule might evolve around family commitments, for example, if your child is young and needs a lot of attention, you might find yourself working around naps. Set milestones for yourself to reach on a daily basis. Establishing your priorities and goals are your responsibility. Setting a schedule for yourself with established goals will providerepparttar 117426 framework for a more productive office.

Designing Your Home Office

Written by Rachel Goldstein

Article submitted by - 1000s of freelance jobs, articles, and resources.

So you have finally decided to work from home and set up your home office? Setting up your home office is one ofrepparttar best parts of working from home. Forrepparttar 117416 first time in your life, YOU get to choose your desk and where it goes. YOU get to chooserepparttar 117417 equipment andrepparttar 117418 supplies. YOU get to chooserepparttar 117419 chairs andrepparttar 117420 lamps. This is going to be fun for you. This article will explorerepparttar 117421 essentials of designing your home office . everything from findingrepparttar 117422 space to buyingrepparttar 117423 right supplies. You will be spending a lot of time in your office, lets make sure that you design it right.


Sometimes it is hard to findrepparttar 117424 right room to place your home office. After all, when you bought your house you probably didn't know that you would be working from home. Look for a room in your house that hasrepparttar 117425 following elements:

1. Separate from household members and distractions 2. Enough room for a desk, chair, equipment, office supplies, and space to think and move around. 3. Enough electrical outlets and power for all of your equipment 4. Phone line (s) available 5. Enough heating and cooling 6. (opt) Windows for sunlight and fresh air 7. (opt) An air vent for good ventilation

In an ideal situation, all ofrepparttar 117426 above elements will be present.

If you choose a room completely separate from other rooms, "defined work space used exclusively for your business" (IRS Tax Code), you can deduct your home office. So it would be better for your pockets to choose an enclosed space of your house that isn't used for family life.

Can't find an open space for your house? Try to use your imagination before you call an architect to renovate or add on to your house. Are there any walk-in closets in your house? How about your basement? You can clean up your garage and park cars onrepparttar 117427 street. Maybe separating another room with bookshelves might dorepparttar 117428 trick. If you still can't figure out a way to make space for your home office, maybe you should consider hiring an architect or general contractor to add on to your house or to build an office in your basement or other room. This might be an easy job . just adding a wall to make one room into two. Or you might land up spending quite a bit of money. I recommend not getting carried away until your business is running smoothly for at least 6 months.


It isn't time to go shopping yet; rather it is time to get outrepparttar 117429 graph paper, rulers, and pencils. Before we buy furniture and equipment we will need to map out our office, in other words make a layout plans. Have a family member help you measurerepparttar 117430 length and width ofrepparttar 117431 room andrepparttar 117432 height and width ofrepparttar 117433 doorway. On your piece of graph paper drawrepparttar 117434 room inrepparttar 117435 right proportion. Then consider all ofrepparttar 117436 equipment and supplies that you will need to run your business. Here are my suggestions:

1. Chair 2. Desk 3. Filing Cabinet 4. Bookshelves 5. Telephone(s) 6. Computer 7. Fax Machine / Copier / Scanner 8. Storage Bins 9. Pens / Pencils 10. Paper 11. Binders 12. Folders 13. Staples, Binder Clips, Paper Clips 14. Envelopes 15. Media Storage Devices (Zip Disks, Floppy Discs, CDs, etc)

Think ahead, is there anything else that you might need? Now, map out onrepparttar 117437 graph paper where you want to place each of these items . design away! Remember, you will be spending much of your time in your office, try to make it a place that you will enjoy visiting or you might dread working. For this reason,repparttar 117438 way that you design your home office can make or break your freelance business. Keeprepparttar 117439 following in mind when designing your home office.

1. Only paint with neutral colors, orrepparttar 117440 paint will overpower your furniture and you will become distracted 2. Don't jam tons of furniture and equipment into your office unless totally necessary. Having too much clutter is one reason you might not want to visit your office. 3. If you are easily distracted, don't put your desk in front of a window. 4. Place your bookshelf, filing cabinet, and telephone at arms reach 5. Place your desk nearrepparttar 117441 electrical supply and phone lines 6. Get personal and add your personal touch to everything. This will create a more inviting atmosphere for you. 7. If there is enough room, add a love seat or reading chair for you when you need a change of scene.


Nowrepparttar 117442 fun part . shopping! Whether you decide to shop online or in a conventional store, don't forget your items list and layout plan. As you shop for items, take their measurements and draw them on your plan to make sure that they fit. A few online stores that you can look at are:


1. Desk / Workstation - Sincerepparttar 117443 invent ofrepparttar 117444 computer, one small desk is no longer enough. A workstation is a more appropriate term now. Depending on what your profession is, you will need desk space for your computer, and then more desk space for administrative work. Think about what type of equipment you will need are where it will go. How much room do you have for a desk? Usually your best option is to get an "L" desk. What I mean by this is choose your favorite desk, and then choose a smaller desk that can be placed perpendicular torepparttar 117445 main desk. The big desk is perfect for your computer equipment, andrepparttar 117446 smaller desk can be kept clear for your writing surface.

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