How To Host A Bachelorette Party

Written by Catherine Olivia

There could be no more fun way to say "goodbye" to your old single but soon-to-be-married girlfriend than hosting her bachelorette party. A bachelorette party can be as subdued, or as wild as you choose. Most importantly,repparttar party should reflectrepparttar 147803 bride-to-be and what you know she would be comfortable with.

Some brides-to-be opt to have a bachelorette party that is as simple as a quiet dinner out with girlfriends followed by a Broadway type show, or a movie. Others opt for a day of spa pampering with her friends, or even an old fashioned pajama party. Other brides-to-be tend to be onrepparttar 147804 wild and uninhibited side and appreciate a bachelorette party that is as wild as they are. Some choose to have what is called a "pub crawl" visiting their favorite watering holes. This would berepparttar 147805 perfect time for allrepparttar 147806 invited guests to chip in for a limo so that everyone can have a good time drinking and partying and not worry aboutrepparttar 147807 driving. Sometimesrepparttar 147808 highlight of a bachelorette party is a visit from a male stripper or a trip torepparttar 147809 closest male revue show. The partiers could crash afterwards atrepparttar 147810 hosts home and enjoy, or try to enjoy, breakfast inrepparttar 147811 morning.

Games For A Wedding Shower

Written by Randy Wilson

Games for a wedding shower arerepparttar best ways to makerepparttar 147392 most of your merriment in a wedding shower party. There are a lot of unique and varied games for wedding showers likerepparttar 147393 fish pond, men or women-who are better off?, coffee pot, guessrepparttar 147394 answer, guess my name, weave a story, my secret friend, how well do you knowrepparttar 147395 bride/ groom games? etc.

One ofrepparttar 147396 printable wedding shower games isrepparttar 147397 word scramble. You could print outrepparttar 147398 master copy or photo copyrepparttar 147399 original list. You can come up with 15-20 words which are related to wedding items and unscramble them for your guests. For example ngdiewd ecka would wedding cake. The guest who solvesrepparttar 147400 unscrambling game first and correctly gets a small gift.

Another popular wedding shower game would be passrepparttar 147401 box, where you wrap a small item with layers of gift wrap. Pass it around, as inrepparttar 147402 musical chairs with music playing inrepparttar 147403 background. Whenrepparttar 147404 music stops, each participant unwraps one ofrepparttar 147405 layers ofrepparttar 147406 gift. The player who removesrepparttar 147407 final layer of paper inrepparttar 147408 end, winsrepparttar 147409 prize. There is alsorepparttar 147410 wedding dress game where two teams are created. One fromrepparttar 147411 a team becomesrepparttar 147412 model whilerepparttar 147413 others get to dress her in a scheduled time.

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