How To Give Your Visitors A One-Way Ticket To The Shopping Cart

Written by Lynne Schlumpf

When web surfers visit your sales page online, they can be in various stages of emotion at their time of arrival. Advertising becomes more than just words on a page when you see your website from your visitor’s perspective. If you consider a purchase to be just a logical action by your visitors, you’ve missedrepparttar biggest reason people buy.

No matter what mood your visitors are in when they visit you online,repparttar 109063 most effective web copy will develop something inside themrepparttar 109064 average web page would not. You become, in a sense, an exciter as a copywriter.

The best copywriters inrepparttar 109065 world are able to bring out certain “planned” emotions in their audience that would not normally occur by just looking at a regular sales letter or sales page.

Your first step as a copywriter will be to figure out what emotional needs your product satisfies. This cannot be determined with logical calculations; rather, it is a discovery of feelings for you. If you were them, how would using your product make them feel? What feelings would have to be developed in you just before pressingrepparttar 109066 ORDER button to completerepparttar 109067 sale?

The feeling your customers get when using your product cannot be left only torepparttar 109068 sales letter. This emotional attachment to your product must be so complete, they almost feel as if they’re feeling something new just by using it.

This is not something you can completely control afterrepparttar 109069 purchase is completed, but you can ensure you guide them torepparttar 109070 purchase with a certain handful of emotions in tow. These emotions you bring out in them must be so strong, they last a short while afterrepparttar 109071 sale, as well. Customers often get buyer’s remorse shortly after a sale, but you can overcome this by making sure they’ll walk away possessing a feeling of doingrepparttar 109072 right thing. If not, chargebacks for you will be monstrous.

These emotions will completerepparttar 109073 sale for you and closerepparttar 109074 deal, almost as if you’ve grabbed them byrepparttar 109075 hand onrepparttar 109076 way to your secure online shopping cart and held onto their hand forrepparttar 109077 two weeks or so afterwards. One way you can ensure this is to send them a couple of emails or letters, spaced apart, with copy in them that makesrepparttar 109078 customer feel good about buying once again. Phone calls will sometimes work, also. Keep that feeling of pride in owning your product for a little while longer to make surerepparttar 109079 product really sticks.

Electronic Payment Services: Money Still Exchanges Hands, it Just does so Without ever Touching a Palm

Written by Merle

Buying and selling products or services online just got a whole lot easier. Using only a person's e-mail address, you can pay for purchases and receive money owed to you without ever touching an actual green dollar bill. Of course, not touching it might take some ofrepparttar fun out of getting paid, but it's still your money justrepparttar 109062 same. It's virtual money.

So, you're saying to yourself right about now, "How is this magical feat performed?" A variety of online payment services have sprung up to make virtual payment a reality (no pun intended).

If you need to pay someone or someone needs to pay you all you need to know is their e-mail address and which service they are using. If someone sends you money through a service you're not currently a member of, no problem. You simply register (which is most always free) and collect your hard earned cash.

Payments are made either by tapping into your offline bank account or using your credit card. Of course, once enough people start using this option, your electronic service account balance will enable you to pay your debts without tapping into your credit card or bank account. Converting your virtual money torepparttar 109063 real thing is as simple as requesting a check for an amount not exceeding what's in your account, and a "real" check will show up at your "real" house in less than a week.

Let's take a look at some ofrepparttar 109064 more popular services and how they work.


PayPal, a part of online bank, has got to berepparttar 109065 largest online payment service today. They claim over 3 million customers to date. Free to register, but business accounts are charged 1.9% to receive funds.

Payments can be made using Mastercard, Visa or your offline bank account. They also pay a 5.00 referral bonus for every friend you get to sign up with them. At this time PayPal does not take International payments but does have plans to expand into that arena shortly.


Free to register and use. eCount payments can be made with Discover, Mastercard or Visa. Transactions are limited to $1,000.00 a day at this time.

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