How To Give Your Home More Space, Part 2

Written by Tameka Norris

Manufacturers today are creating products withrepparttar less-is-more idea in mind.

Home furnishings are far lighter and far more space conserving now than they ever have been.

So this strategy was never needed inrepparttar 125525 past since our predecessors had an entirely different way of life.

Less busy. Less complicated in specific areas, and so on.

But that is clearly notrepparttar 125526 case today.

When you recognize that you want something from this day forward you can easily offer your homerepparttar 125527 best space possible by considering whether you can furnish your home with an item on Level 3 first.

And if it is not possible on that level, drop down a level until it is possible to furnish your home on that specific level.

Take for example, a television.

------------------- Level 1: Floor ------------------- You know your home can easily be furnished with a television using Level 1.

And your most space conservative item to mount a television on is a pedestal tv stand, or a tv pole that extends fromrepparttar 125528 floor torepparttar 125529 ceiling.

When you use Level 1 you want to be certain to brainstorm for repparttar 125530 most space conserving way to use your floor space.

You'll want to findrepparttar 125531 smallest, yet most reliable item that you can find that will dorepparttar 125532 job.

And when you are able to find this type of item, it is so good at space conserving that Level 1 almost gives yourepparttar 125533 same advantages that Level 2 does.

For example, if you were to use a tv pole to put your tv on. The pole itself takes up so little floor space and mountsrepparttar 125534 tv in midair that it's similar to furnishing your home with a tv using Level 2.

Level 1 will always take up floor space and interfere with your walking zone.

The best you can do with Level 1 is get an item that uses as little floor space as possible and interferes with your walking zone as little as possible.

------------------ Level 2: Wall ------------------

These days with lcds and plasma tvs, you even know that your home can be furnished withrepparttar 125535 television using Level 2.

And your most space conservative item to mount your television on is a tv wall mount. But not only can lcds and plasmas be mounted onrepparttar 125536 wall, your average television can be too.

There are dozens of wall mounts out there that mount regular tvs. But tv wall mounts may be something that has never surfaced to your mind.

How To Give Your Home More Space, Part 1

Written by Tameka Norris

Have you been wondering how to free up space in your home? Do you live in a dorm or an efficiency where every inch of space counts?

Maybe you're tired of trying to come up with ideas on how to reducerepparttar clutter? Or don't know where to start?

If you don't know where to start and feel like you're backed into a corner then maybe this is your solution torepparttar 125524 problem.

Let me introduce you torepparttar 125525 top-to-bottom-strategy.

It is a procedure that can be of great service to you if you are starting out and you are about to move into your own home.

Or if you already own a house full of furniture and are willing to sell or donate what you no longer want in order to purchase a better version.

It will work in many situations from great to small.

The greater your willingness to get rid ofrepparttar 125526 old and bring inrepparttar 125527 new,repparttar 125528 bigger space difference there will be in your home.

You may not want to exchange out many items in your home but decide on a few select items that will make a big difference once you've gotten rid of them.

The most beneficial part ofrepparttar 125529 top-to-bottom-strategy is that it can be customized to your preference.

That's what makes it very opportunistic--it can be adjusted according to your desires.

The top-to-bottom-strategy is a simple three step procedure that will help you reevaluate your thought process.

This strategy deals with three levels. And each level can be used to help you better furnish your home by weighing any item you want or own againstrepparttar 125530 top-to-bottom-strategy.

----------------- The 3 Levels -----------------

Level 3: Ceiling Level 2: Wall Level 1: Floor

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