How To Get a Telecommuting Job

Written by Amanda Shoemaker

Many companies are beginning to seerepparttar value in hiring telecommuters. This is especially true of companies who are looking for sales persons. If you would like to telecommute (work from home), here are some ofrepparttar 140676 things these companies are looking for.

Dedicated home office phone line (not always required, but is always a plus) High speed internet access Quiet home office environment Standard e-mail program such as Eudora or Outlook Excel, Word

Drop Ship your way to eBay profits

Written by Mike Ralph

One ofrepparttar most difficult things to do when looking to start an online business is to find that elusive supplier that will supply you, put simply you need a source of real products to sell. Drop shipping is a perfect way to achieve this and lets you developrepparttar 140675 perfect online business..

The perfect online business is one in which you are selling a product whereby you DO NOT HAVE ANY STOCK and you DO NOT PHYSICALLY HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE PRODUCT and all you do is COLLECT THE MONEY AND PASS THE CUSTOMERS DETAILS ON.

Sounds to good to be true! - well it definately is TRUE.


Readrepparttar 140676 following example :

You decide that you want to sell Mobile Phones, you then realise that to do thisrepparttar 140677 traditional way you would have to hold a large amount of stock so that you haverepparttar 140678 range and product available for your customers. Without a massive amount of working capital you have no chance, also byrepparttar 140679 time you get your business noticedrepparttar 140680 lines you are carrying are out of date and not worth what you paid for them.

However, now consider this:

You sign up to a Mobile Phone drop shipper, they give you a list of products that they can supply. You now go away and advertise this list on your online store. You take an order from your website for a Motorola phone, you have this advertised at $200.. You then collectrepparttar 140681 customers details via your website, all good shopping cart software provide this feature, and then contact your drop shipper and buyrepparttar 140682 same phone for $150 and pass them your customers details. That isrepparttar 140683 end ofrepparttar 140684 sales process for you, what happens next is :

The drop shipper SENDS THE PRODUCT TO YOUR CUSTOMER and usually it goes under plain packaging or some drop shippers can also put YOUR COMPANY DETAILS onrepparttar 140685 packaging when they send it to your customer.


Just 10 orders a week will give you $500 profit.

Drop shipping is fast becomingrepparttar 140686 easiest way of starting your own online business because it offers a very simple formula for success :

The drop shipper setsrepparttar 140687 price that you pay, you then setrepparttar 140688 price that your customers pay andrepparttar 140689 difference betweenrepparttar 140690 two is your profit!


Because it is that simple a lot of people are jumping onrepparttar 140691 drop shipping band wagon and it is not unusual to see lots of different websites usingrepparttar 140692 same pictures and sales copy to sellrepparttar 140693 same product, usually because they just simply publishrepparttar 140694 promotional materials thatrepparttar 140695 drop shippers provide for them.

It is important at this stage to remember thatrepparttar 140696 internet was based uponrepparttar 140697 ability to share information and content. It is this simple word, CONTENT, that will help you to distinguish yourself fromrepparttar 140698 rest and will also ensure that your search engine rankings are developed to increaserepparttar 140699 traffic (ie. customers) to your website.

This is simply using information and content to ADD VALUE to your website, customers want to be able to learn aboutrepparttar 140700 product before they purchase and having content specific to your area will allow this distinction inrepparttar 140701 mind ofrepparttar 140702 customer. In order to make a success of your online business you have to make your customers want to come back. Think of your favourite websites, why do you keep revisiting them? Simple, because they provide you with something that is of VALUE to you.

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