How To Get Your Online Education -- Part Three

Written by Joe Bingham


Let's face it, you can read up and study a subject all you want, and you can learn a great deal, but eventually you'll come to a stand still in your learning process unless you start to APPLY what you have learned.

Say you've been studying gardening. You may haverepparttar necessary growing season, seed depth at planting, and preferred lighting of every plant memorized, but that still won't net you any tomatoes.

There comes a point when your learning will only advance when you take ACTION!

When you start applying your education to actual doing, you begin to develop another critical learning tool. Experience. The immediate benefit, of course, is that you'll start to seerepparttar 119002 things you've learned play out right in front of you. You won't have to accept that learning on faith anymore. Through experience, you gain a knowledge for yourself.

Experience undoubtedly leads to mistakes, but even they are great for learning. Keep track of how you do things so that when mistakes do happen you'll have some information ready to help you analyze them. Often, analyzing what went wrong leads to new ideas of how to make things work better.

Applied action also helps you to better understandrepparttar 119003 expert advice you have sought out and are gaining from others. Now, as you still seek that expert advice, you will be asking more informed and detailed questions. This isrepparttar 119004 time having a mentor or expert contact can berepparttar 119005 most beneficial. Instead of talking abstractly, you can now discuss specific situations and details.

How To Get Your Online Education -- Part Four

Written by Joe Bingham


By now you've coveredrepparttar basics in your chosen field and you've started to apply what you have learned into action. You've got some experience of your own now, and you are learning from your mistakes.

How then do you advance further?

Obviously, if you've been in contact with an expert you can still gain from that contact, but you've also developed another important resource at this point as well. Yourself.

Ifrepparttar 119001 world still depended onrepparttar 119002 knowledge ofrepparttar 119003 first generations of man, you would not be reading this today. Obviously then, it is possible to create new ideas and advance into new ground based onrepparttar 119004 basics of education that you already possess.

This is creativity.

They key to creativity is to constantly be thinking of ways to improve. Look for holes or rough spots in a process, then think of how you can fill them or smooth them out. Look also atrepparttar 119005 best points and discern what element makes itrepparttar 119006 best. Can that element then be used inrepparttar 119007 entire process?

Asking questions of both others with knowledge and experience and yourself can lead to answers that further your education. Talk things out with someone you respect or learned from inrepparttar 119008 past. Always maintain a relationship with those you've determined to be good resources.

At this time, however, you've also got to step back and acceptrepparttar 119009 fact that you do have both strengths and weaknesses. While your strengths can move you ahead, your weaknesses will drag along behind you, slowing your progress.

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