How To Get Wholesale DVD Movies At Up To 90% Discount

Written by Peter Morgan

Canrepparttar general public really find DVD movies at up to 90% below retail prices? Well,repparttar 146805 creators ofrepparttar 146806 wildly popular website "Wholesale DVD Express" are making sure they can.

"Wholesale DVD Express" offersrepparttar 146807 general public a chance to buy DVD movies at significantly below wholesale prices.

Finding quality wholesale dvd suppliers has long been one ofrepparttar 146808 most difficult aspects forrepparttar 146809 average person. Even inrepparttar 146810 Information Age, where everything is seemingly right at your fingertips, finding reliable wholesale DVD suppliers is easier said than done.

Unfortunately, wholesale DVD suppliers donít run ads onrepparttar 146811 evening news, nor do they readily advertise in other common venues.

Finding good wholesale suppliers often requires good industry connections or a considerable amount of research time.

Born out of "Wholesale DVD Expressís" own industry research and a desire to help others avoid frustration, they aim to provide consumers with a wide selection of wholesale DVD suppliers and distributors. Wholesale DVD Express maintain a directory that contains over a hundred wholesalers and distributors of new release and older movies. The directory is category-searchable, updated regularly, and is designed for ease of use.

The Future for Independent Record Labels

Written by Eugene Brooks

Small independent record labels are facing a different fight today to obtain a share ofrepparttar music industry. The best possible means in which small labels were able to get their CDís sold vanished in 2003 when Southwest Wholesale Records and Tapes closedrepparttar 146736 doors. The ability to have their music placed in a position to be sold alongrepparttar 146737 same shelves asrepparttar 146738 major record labels is becoming increasingly more difficult. The absence of competition onrepparttar 146739 shelves has generated an increase in profits forrepparttar 146740 major labels. What can smaller more nimble labels do to compete withrepparttar 146741 major labels?

Promotion and Radio The major labels have a tight grip onrepparttar 146742 radio, for example, it is probablyrepparttar 146743 means in which to promote and break in a new artist. (Mayberepparttar 146744 hold is a little tight and illegal: Eliot Spitzer, New Yorkís attorney general, is investigating whetherrepparttar 146745 majors bribe radio stations to play their music.) The amount of money and influence thatrepparttar 146746 majors have cannot be matched by a smaller record labels. They cannot fight this battle and often songs that are deservingly good enough to be played will not be played. Play lists are generated in a single office and downloaded torepparttar 146747 station managers to every part ofrepparttar 146748 country. The station managers have no choice but to play whatrepparttar 146749 corporate headquarters have instructed them to play forrepparttar 146750 day. What then can smaller more nimble labels do to compete withrepparttar 146751 major labels?

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