How To Get Visitors To Your Web Site

Written by Elmar Alex

To succeed in online business you need visitors to your sites. Lots of visitors! One ofrepparttar easiest and still quite effective ways to get them is to join a few good hit exchange programs. These programs allow you to show your site directly to other people in return for viewing their sites. Some hit exchange programs are just excellent; others are not so good. How to pick up good ones? First of all when you join such a program you normally get a bonus of free hits to your site. This may vary from 20 to 200 hits. Obviously,repparttar 125104 greater isrepparttar 125105 number of hits,repparttar 125106 more attractive isrepparttar 125107 program. Another thing to consider is hit exchange ratio. 1:1 ratio means that for each site you view you will get one visitor to your own site. With 2:1 ratio you will need to view 2 sites to get your own site viewed once. Of course, 1:1 ratio looks nice, but itís not quite realistic, actually. Every new member gets 20-200 free hits as a bonus for sign up. Besides, upline members get some hits from their referrals. 1:1 ratio will hardly allow to have all this. Thatís why 2:1 ratio is honest and not so bad byrepparttar 125108 way. Some programs have 5:1 and even 6:1 ratio which means you will need to see 5 or 6 sites to get your own exposed once. One more point to keep in mind is referral system. Many hit exchange programs reward you with up to 100 free hits for every person who joinsrepparttar 125109 program under you. When your referral begins to surf for credits you also earn credits. For example, No More Hits gives you 40% of your first level referralís hits and 10% of lower level referrals. In other words, when your immediate referral earns 10 hits you get 4 also; when a referral of your referral earns 10 hits you get 1 also. This structure is 6 levels deep and withrepparttar 125110 growth of your down line it may give you lots of hits.

"The Virtual Garden"

Written by Bob Osgoodby

When planting a garden, or doing a bit of landscaping, there are many factors which must considered. Size of plants, colors, hardiness, and need for sunlight and water, all come into play. If any mistakes are made alongrepparttar way,repparttar 125103 garden will not flourish.

There are many parallels between starting a business and planting a garden. In fact, being in an online business is like planting a virtual garden. If any ofrepparttar 125104 steps are overlooked, like a poorly designed garden,repparttar 125105 business will not do well.

There are basically three things that those in an online business must do.

First - you must pick your program carefully. If you get involved withrepparttar 125106 wrong one, you will not reaprepparttar 125107 desired harvest. Just because a program has been around a long time, does not necessarily mean you will achieve success. Some ofrepparttar 125108 affiliate programs onrepparttar 125109 web are overplayed and tired. You should also avoidrepparttar 125110 programs that make money mainly by garnering new recruits. At some pointrepparttar 125111 new recruits will slow down andrepparttar 125112 program will gorepparttar 125113 way of most Ponzi or pyramid schemes.

Secondly, after planting, you have to care for your plants. Advertising is like sunlight, water and fertilizer for your business. A one time or sporadic ad will not get customers.

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure getsrepparttar 125114 customers. It is a common maxim in advertising that it takes 5 to 7 exposures to an ad to get someone to react. Your copy must also be geared toward your target market. It must be well written, makes an offer that gets someone's attention, and allows immediate feedback. If you are consistent in your advertising, experiment with your copy until you start getting responses. If your add doesn't pull, change it - couldn't be simpler.

Let's stick with exposure for a minute. It takes a dedicated person to place their free classified ads on an ongoing basis. Miss a week here and there and you are committing a big mistake. You are not being consistent.

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