How To Get Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of FREE Publicity

Written by Noel Peebles

The first step to getting loads of free publicity for your business is to ask yourself - what's newsworthy?

What's newsworthy may depend onrepparttar particular media you are targeting. Metropolitan daily newspapers and television networks will be interested in a different type of news story to one that might interest a local radio station or suburban newspaper. Sometimesrepparttar 101008 same news story can be pitched differently to suitrepparttar 101009 different news organizations.

Here are some opportunities to get media coverage:

Staff news If you employ an important new person, tellrepparttar 101010 press. Have any employees being given awards? Have you had record-breaking orders or have you promoted someone for excellence?

Customer's news Have you had any celebrity customers? Have you helped any customers out of a tricky situation? Business changes Are you increasing (or decreasing)repparttar 101011 size of your business? Have you captured a big export order. Are you bringing in a new product range, or providing new services? Location Is there anything newsworthy aboutrepparttar 101012 building you occupy? What is its history? Unusual services Do you have a strange occupation, or have you been asked to do (or make something) that's unusual?

You What have you done that could be seen as newsworthy? Any awards, sporting achievements, seminars, guest speaker roles etc.?

Start making a list of how you could generate a newsworthy story for your business.

If you are still stumped, thenrepparttar 101013 following 7 questions may give you some ideas to get some free publicity: 1. Do you offer something that is not available anywhere else?

2. Are you a new business inrepparttar 101014 community or have you recently renovated?

3. Are you celebrating an opening, an expansion or some anniversary?

4. Are yourepparttar 101015 last or only type of your business inrepparttar 101016 area?

Use Logo Products to Increase Your Business

Written by Harvey Blank

Giving away and selling logo products can increase business multi-fold. Take for examplerepparttar inexpensive pen that someone uses to write a check,repparttar 101007 key tag that they reach for with their car keys, or a magnet they see onrepparttar 101008 front of a file cabinet

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