How To Get People To Click Your Affiliate Links

Written by Keller Flynn

I was just having lunch with a friend of mine who is working on a new affiliate program. She seemed very excited about it, and as we ate our delicious cold lobster salad she gave me allrepparttar details. I began asking her a few questions, and asrepparttar 102617 creme brulee arrived she admitted that she's been a little disappointed with her sales. "It doesn't make sense," she groaned to me over her latte, "It's not like I'm trying to sell long underwear inrepparttar 102618 Bahamas. I'm offeringrepparttar 102619 hottest widget ofrepparttar 102620 moment for 10% less than anyone else onrepparttar 102621 web, and I've already linked my site to several affiliates, but no one's buying. What am I doing wrong?"

We went overrepparttar 102622 basics: good product, good price, good web site, good affiliates. "It's got to be something," I said, "what's your linking strategy?" She told me that she was using three different banners, and assured me that they looked really nice. "They're probably great," I assured her, "butrepparttar 102623 fact is, no matter how nice they are, they're still banners."

So what's wrong with banners? Nothing really, except that they've become a little too common and people have started to ignore them. If you do use banners, you've got to make sure they're eye-catching and professional. Try using rotating banners as a nice improvement onrepparttar 102624 basic. These banners download alternate images from a group each timerepparttar 102625 page is accessed, makingrepparttar 102626 ad look a little different each time. Use rotating pictures ofrepparttar 102627 different products you offer. This is a nice effect which might grabrepparttar 102628 attention of a repeat visitor who ignored yourepparttar 102629 first time.

Another effective link isrepparttar 102630 customer testimonial. Take a quote from a satisfied customer and use it as a sales tool. Ask someone who's been pleased with your business if you can quote something nice they said, or just ask them to make a statement. Set it in an attractive font with your url link atrepparttar 102631 bottom and have your affiliates place it on their page. People will be more inclined to read about someone else's experience than they would be to read an ad, and you'll get more business.

How To Profit From Affiliate Programs Working just 10 to 20 minutes per day

Written by Keegan Michaels

The beauty ofrepparttar Internet is you can own your own business and earn good money without spending much time at it. You don't have to mindrepparttar 102616 store or keep office hours. You don't even have to be there to answerrepparttar 102617 phone.

I've known any number of successful Internet entrepreneurs who got started earning profits online while still working demanding full-time jobs. Kevin Needham of became a major name onrepparttar 102618 Web while still holding down his government job. The media often tellsrepparttar 102619 story of Jim Daniels who started his online publishing empire while working as a middle-manager for a tech firm.

Kevin Nunley was a DJ at an oldies station when his articles started appearing on AOL. Superstar Internet biz person and tech consultant Kate Schultz was a corporate manager when she began posting her own ads online.

The moral of these stories is don't let your busy life stand inrepparttar 102620 way of your desire to earn extra money or even a good living online. The Internet will bend, twist, and adapt for you more than any other kind of business.

But you have to go at itrepparttar 102621 right way or you will wind up spending way more time and money than you intended. Here is a simple plan to get you earning online while working at it just 10 to 20 minutes each day.

1. Choose your affiliate program wisely. You will want one main program you can promote intensively. It is much easier to make an impact with one good program you market heavily than spreading yourself too thin over a dozen or more programs.

Right now affiliates report their biggest earners are information products that tell affiliate program members and others how to earn better profits. Ken Envoy's "Make Your Site Sell" course, Corey Rudl's "Insider Secrets," and Jim Daniels' big "Make A Living Online" are real winners in this category.

You can also do well working with a company that represents many products and other affiliate programs. Checkrepparttar 102622 many affiliate products and services housed underrepparttar 102623 umbrella. features direct marketing services and ecommerce technology.

2. Market to friends and associates using a simple signature file in your email. This is dirt simple yet incredibly powerful. Email messages have a very personal quality that sells. Your email program will let you set this up.

Your sig file should start with a headline that tweaksrepparttar 102624 reader's interest. Then follow with your web site address and your autoresponder address (more on this later.) Here's what your "sig" might look like.

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