How To Get Others to Market Your Product or Service for You

Written by Debbie LaChusa

Marketing can be expensive and most small business owners donít have big marketing budgets. So looking for targeted ways to get free marketing exposure is a great solution. You may have considered public relations as a low cost marketing tactic, but what if you canít write, or you donít haverepparttar time to sit down and create a press kit or even write a press release?

Well, thereís an easy way to get publicity that does not even require you to write a press release. Try donating your product or service for an auction or door prize. Very often, associations, groups and charities conduct live or silent auctions at their events. Or they give away door prizes to attendees to encourage attendance. Why not donate your product or service and benefit fromrepparttar 146850 free marketing exposure it can generate. Typically you will receive promotion duringrepparttar 146851 event, and inrepparttar 146852 event program. You benefit fromrepparttar 146853 implied endorsement ofrepparttar 146854 group conductingrepparttar 146855 event, and goodwill associated with giving away your product or service. You may even be able to write offrepparttar 146856 cost as a business expense. (Please check with your tax advisor).

And, not only will you receive free exposure, you will also gain a new customer. Who could tell a few friends, who could tell a few friends, who could tell a few friends ... you see where this is going. Itís a great way to get free exposure for your products or services and start to generate new customers. Not sure what groups or charities you should donate your auction item or door prize to?

5 Tips to Help You Identify WHO To Market To

Written by Debbie LaChusa

If you have your own small business, it's important to decide exactly who you will be marketing your products or services to. After all, you probably don't haverepparttar time orrepparttar 146849 money to market to everyone. And even if you did, it is not recommended.

You'll want to select what is called a "target audience." This is an identifiable group of people you believe will berepparttar 146850 best prospects for your business.

But for many small business owners, narrowing their focus to one primary group of people can be a challenging task. They want to help everyone ó and very often their product or service CAN help a variety of people.

It also goes against human nature to narrow your focus in order to grow a business. Common sense seems to tell us if we want to grow our business big, we need to appeal to more people.

In realityrepparttar 146851 opposite is true. When we narrow our focus to a particular group of people we become an expert in solving their particular problems. We get to know them very well and we can develop additional products and services to fill their needs.

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