How To Get Lucky

Written by Steve Gillman

Would you like to get lucky? There are at least a dozen ways. The simplest one is to just start looking for good luck.

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car, you start to see similar cars all over? They were there, of course, but now you are seeing them, because your are looking. This is how it is with luck too.

Start countingrepparttar ways you are lucky in life, andrepparttar 139029 first thing you'll notice is that you feel better. A sense of gratitude is good for your soul, even if you're not religious.

Start watching for more good luck, and you'll notice that you "get lucky" more often. This won't be your imagination.

Looking For Good Luck Creates It

I won't tell you God orrepparttar 139030 universe brings luck into your life once there's grattitude in your heart. That's a nice thought, but not my style. The less spiritual explanation is that when you acknowledge luck, and look for more, you create a certain frame of mind. It helps you take advantage of opportunities you might otherwise not recognize.

Achieve Goals Using The Lasso Principle!

Written by Tim Webb

Here is a unique way to combine your breath and mental imagery to pull your goals closer in record time!

It often seems to berepparttar norm to just sit and think about your goals in an almost static fashion whereby you can see your goal in your mind and you think about it for a few minutes each day. This is a good initial method as it is straightforward and easy to do.

However, once you have become used to simply thinking about your goals on a daily basis, it is then time to go a stage further and really start to pull your ambitions right up to you utilisingrepparttar 138975 power of imagery and breath.

What I want you to do is this. Have your goal in your mind and, to begin with, have a mental picture of it being far away. Imagine it as a distant object that requires some effort to attain.

From here focus on pulling your ambition towards you using an image of a lasso. See it wrapping firmly around your distant goal and then slowly pull it towards you. With each slow deep inhalation you pull it that much nearer to.

The image could be of a healthier fitter you, a new car or house or simply a bigger monthly pay cheque, butrepparttar 138976 point is this. If you have had to work mentally to pull this image closer to you this will generaterepparttar 138977 impetus you want and need to take action in real terms to achieve it.

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