How To Get Listed In Open Directory Project, The First Time!

Written by Skip Akers

There are more than 20,000 volunteers who make-uprepparttar Open Directory Projectís indexing core. The criteria for getting listed inrepparttar 125151 Open Directory Project is a little tight and many ofrepparttar 125152 pages submitted are not indexed onrepparttar 125153 first try. However, if you use a little common sense and follow some pretty basic rules, getting listed shouldn't be a problem.

The following are some guidelines to consider before submitting your site torepparttar 125154 Open Directory Project.

Your Web Site:

Isrepparttar 125155 site already listed inrepparttar 125156 directory?

Multiple entries within Open Directory are not very hard to get, if your entry offers good content. However,repparttar 125157 editor will try to findrepparttar 125158 most significant category forrepparttar 125159 listing to insurerepparttar 125160 URL is listed inrepparttar 125161 most appropriate category.

Significantly different and unique content isrepparttar 125162 key to success for multiple listings. Doesrepparttar 125163 site or page being submitted actually exist?

This might seem obvious to most, butrepparttar 125164 facts are that many URLs get submitted prior torepparttar 125165 site being ready. When visited byrepparttar 125166 editor, and they do visit your submitted URL, if it is not found (404 Error),repparttar 125167 submission may be rejected.

It is atrepparttar 125168 editorís discretion whether or not to hold your submission for a second or third look, or to look for typos inrepparttar 125169 URL. Most are rejected onrepparttar 125170 spot!Isrepparttar 125171 site under construction? Sites under construction are not acceptable. Again, some editors will hold your submission for a few days to see if this is a temporary problem.

Donít count on it!

Wait until your site is ready prior to submitting.Doesrepparttar 125172 site present a high-quality professional appearance?

Shoddy or disorganized sites are not indexed. Your site must present a well thought out plan. "My Hometown Pictures" personal homepage probably wouldnít get listed. Open Directory Project only list sites that are of value torepparttar 125173 general public.Doesrepparttar 125174 site contain a lot of typos?

Spell-check, spell-check, SPELL-CHECK! Too many typos will cause your site to be rejected.

Are there any broken links?

Broken links present frustration torepparttar 125175 visitor. Most editors check for links that are broken.

This could cause your site not to be listed.

Do your graphics load reasonably fast?

If your graphics take a long time to load (say over 20-30 seconds),repparttar 125176 site will most likely be rejected.

Tip Ė Donít simply resize a large graphic onrepparttar 125177 page to reduce its size. Work it out in your graphics program.

Remember itísrepparttar 125178 size ofrepparttar 125179 file thatísrepparttar 125180 problem with slow loading, notrepparttar 125181 size ofrepparttar 125182 graphic.Doesrepparttar 125183 site content matchrepparttar 125184 meta-description and keywords? This can be a tough one forrepparttar 125185 Open Directory Project editor and you. If itís a judgment call onrepparttar 125186 significance for a category, donít forget thatrepparttar 125187 editor isrepparttar 125188 judge!Isrepparttar 125189 URL being submittedrepparttar 125190 domainís index or main page?

The thought here is thatrepparttar 125191 siteís main page representsrepparttar 125192 most important page. However, some editors will look at submissions of lower pages, ifrepparttar 125193 page presents significantly different content forrepparttar 125194 viewer.Don't spam!

Because humans are doingrepparttar 125195 indexing, they get pretty testy whenever you add needless workload. Most editors reviewrepparttar 125196 directory's Spam List. Once you're on it,repparttar 125197 list can be seen by editors for any category inrepparttar 125198 directory.

Giverepparttar 125199 editor a break! : - )

If your site conforms torepparttar 125200 rules, it will probably get listed. Depending onrepparttar 125201 category andrepparttar 125202 number of editors assigned, it can take up to 5 or 6 weeks to get listed. Be patient!

Your Title:

Generally speaking, Open Directory Project acceptsrepparttar 125203 title ofrepparttar 125204 page or site asrepparttar 125205 title of choice forrepparttar 125206 editor. Remember,repparttar 125207 editor can change anything inrepparttar 125208 title or description of your submission.

Donít put any promotional information inrepparttar 125209 title. It will only get edited out.Using AAA or A-1 or 111 inrepparttar 125210 title to gain some sort of listing advantage will not get byrepparttar 125211 editor. Unless of course, your company really is "AAA", as inrepparttar 125212 "American Automobile Association".

Site Description:

Do not repeatrepparttar 125213 title inrepparttar 125214 description! You will just be wasting copy, because it will get edited out.

Describe your site in functional terms, notrepparttar 125215 usual promotional copy used for search engines.

If you don't give your description a lot of thought and be very precise in your wording,repparttar 125216 editor will re-word it to their liking. Sometimes, this will lose many of your keywords and phrases.

Look around inrepparttar 125217 category you want to be listed in and mimicrepparttar 125218 general phraseology that's already listed. Most editors for a category have a certain style that they like to see.

Internet Marketing For Frugal Site Owners

Written by Mark Askew

Every site promotion expert knows that fresh content isrepparttar primary way to increase site traffic. But newbies to Internet business may not realizerepparttar 125150 power of content. In this article we will outlinerepparttar 125151 reasons why fresh content is so crucial torepparttar 125152 web site promotion process. 1. Search Engines Search engines that have indexed your site send out bots to periodically checkrepparttar 125153 content of your site. These bots are content sensitive. Whenrepparttar 125154 content changes on your site eventually a bot will pick it up and transmitrepparttar 125155 change to several search engines. When this happens you will notice an increase in traffic as your ranking improves. 2. Algorithms Search engines match headings, page title, file names and yes, content to validaterepparttar 125156 type of content contained on a page and indexesrepparttar 125157 site accordingly. The more content you haverepparttar 125158 higher your index ranking will be. 3. Repeat Traffic Fresh content encourages visitors to come back for more. Offering a weekly article feature promotes repeat visits to your site as much as two to three times a week. 4. Referral Traffic - Viral Marketing Information is invaluable to your visitors. Once your site transforms into a resource of vital information your readers are bound to recommend it to others. Don't be surprised if links to your content appear in other e-zines or you win a site award. Remember this will increase traffic exponentially. 5. Increased Sales and Service Requests All ofrepparttar 125159 above will, of course, affect not only traffic butrepparttar 125160 sale itself. You have added value to your product or service. You have influenced customer loyalty. You have raised your site torepparttar 125161 level ofrepparttar 125162 Internet most newsworthy consumer resource your users will use over and over again.

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