How To Get Insane 70%-100% Banner Click-Throughs!

Written by Sen Ze

We've all heard of dismal banner click-throughs of less than 1% as beingrepparttar industry standard.

This means that less than 1 person in 100 will actually click onrepparttar 100938 banner displayed onrepparttar 100939 web page he's looking at!

If you're an Associate selling a product via banners on your web site, this is simply not good news.

Because you will never close 100% of your prospects. And if your traffic count is only 100 a day, it would mean you only have 30 actual prospects a month (one a day). And assuming your Principal's Killer Sales Letter sells one prospect out of every 10 (which is a great conversion rate, byrepparttar 100940 way), you'll be making only 3 sales forrepparttar 100941 month.

But what if you could get all or almost all of those 100 visitors to click on your banner? You'll have close to 3000 prospects, and 300 sales forrepparttar 100942 month based onrepparttar 100943 same conversion rate!

You've just increased your sales by 100 times! But are we dreaming here?

Here'srepparttar 100944 good news:

You CAN get almost ALL, if not all, your visitors to click on repparttar 100945 banners while they're at your site!

All you need to do is to understand a little psychology. Because when you knowrepparttar 100946 reasons why very few prospects ever click on a banner when they see it, you'll be able to devise a strategy andrepparttar 100947 right tactics to override their reasons and achieve whatever you wanted them to do all along.

Get ready now. This is proven, exciting stuff! ;-)

============================================== THE REAL REASONS FOR LOW BANNER CLICK-THROUGHS ====================================================

They are so simple that I'm still surprised why nobody even thought of them, as I simply don't see anything radical being done to solve this problem. Here they are:

1. Most Banners Look Like An Ad ================================ Your visitors are not at your web site to look at banners. If they are, you don't have to provide any content on your site. Just slap up a web site containing banners, submit it torepparttar 100948 search engines and sit back and watchrepparttar 100949 millions come rolling in.

Yeah, right.

2. Most Banners Are Placed In The Same Positions ================================================== It's usually atrepparttar 100950 top ofrepparttar 100951 web page, beforerepparttar 100952 content ofrepparttar 100953 page is seen, or atrepparttar 100954 bottom, afterrepparttar 100955 content ofrepparttar 100956 page. Now when you know that these 2 positions are usually where banner ads are found, would your visitors even look at them when they're waiting for your web page to load?

Of course not. They'll immediately scroll down or look elsewhere torepparttar 100957 first available text that make up your content! And what's worst, your visitors are doing this subconsciously due to habit. They quite simply and literally don't see your banners!

That's it! With this knowledge, we can create miracles.

And I have. ;-)

========================= THE AMAZING, SIMPLE CURE ================================================

Now forrepparttar 100958 simple, magic "cure" that makes low banner click-throughs a thing of history. It'll require some work, but it's nothing you cannot do.

1. Re-Design Your Web Site =========================== That's right. Keep your content, but:

i. dumprepparttar 100959 design where you have your banners atrepparttar 100960 top or bottom of your web pages; AND

ii. dumprepparttar 100961 usual navigational buttons or links onrepparttar 100962 top, left, right or bottom of your web pages

Do BOTH ofrepparttar 100963 above. Then:

2. Make Your Content The Main Focus Of Your Site ================================================= You can have a series of great original articles, with each article having its own heading and web page. "Content" can take many forms, however. Articles are only one form. A tutorial is another. Whatever it is, your content takes center stage simply because your visitors are there for your content, not your banners. And you should give it to them first prior to leading them on to clicking on your banners eventually.

3. Create A Table That Is Of The Same Width As Your Banner ======================================================== This table should have at least 3, 5 or 7 rows.

4. Put Your Banner In The Middle Row ======================================================== That'srepparttar 100964 reason forrepparttar 100965 table being at leastrepparttar 100966 same width asrepparttar 100967 banner. If your table has 3 rows, place your banners inrepparttar 100968 2nd row. If it has 5 rows, place it inrepparttar 100969 3rd row. If it has 7 rows, place it inrepparttar 100970 4th row.

Mini-Persuaders --- Six Steps To Successful Classified Ads

Written by Angela Booth

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Summary: In spite of their size, classifieds pack a powerful advertising punch. Here's how to make yours more effective.

Category: Small Business

Words: 760


Mini-Persuaders --- Six Steps To Successful Classified Ads

Copyright (c) 2002 by Angela Booth

The skillful use of classified ads builds your business.

Classified ads are inexpensive and powerful, and are an excellent way to promote your business both online and offline. Online, you can place ads in ezines and on Web sites, and offline, run them in your local paper and in niche magazines.

If you've tried a classified or two to promote your business and were disappointed withrepparttar 100937 results, remember that a one-shot deal won't work.

You need to run your ads repeatedly. For months, not weeks. Run one classified a week in a newspaper, or one a month in magazine read by your target audience ---for at least four months.

The humble classified ad isrepparttar 100938 magic bullet of advertising. And like a bullet, it needs to be precisely aimed.

=> Step One: Pick your bait

Somehow you've got to packrepparttar 100939 copywriter's AIDA formula of an successful ad: Attract, Interest, Desire, and Action, into 30 words.

You attract interest, arouse desire and getrepparttar 100940 reader to take action, with an appealing bait.

Start by listing everything you can think of to say about your product or service. Don't limit yourself. Don't just cover allrepparttar 100941 features you usually cover. Write down *everything* you can think of. You should have a long list.

Let's say you're selling a German Shepherd puppy. You can include: color, age, sex,repparttar 100942 pedigree, temperament, conformation, and vaccination history. Don't confine yourself to only these points however.

Add that he'll sit and drop on command, walks on a lead, lovesrepparttar 100943 cat, and is greedy. The more attributes you list about your puppy,repparttar 100944 more likely it is that you'll hit on a unique combination of words which will make your ad stand out.

In your 30 word ad, you can't cover everything, so you'll tailor your ad to your ideal buyer, by mentioning only those things which will appeal to that ideal buyer.

This pre-screens your buyers for you. It doesn't matter what you're advertising either, whether it's a car, a lawn mowing service, a job, or a business.

When you've listed everything, pick four or five things you think would appeal to your ideal buyer.

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