How To Get Great Buys On Banner Ads And Make Them Produce Results

Written by Kevin Nunley

Banner ads are down but not out. The billboard-like Internet ads that appear on web sites everywhere don't pullrepparttar response they once did. Yet, today's much lower ad prices are giving many businesses an affordable and effective way to spreadrepparttar 102080 word online.

Back in 1994 whenrepparttar 102081 Web was new, as many as 40 percent of people who saw a banner ad clicked on it. As time passed and banners became commonplace, response rates dropped to 1 to 2 percent. Those figures are comparable to what other media--radio, TV, newspapers, and direct mail--can deliver.

Banner ad rates have dropped from $20 to reach 1,000 people a year ago to just five or six dollars today. Even thoughrepparttar 102082 trendy luster ofrepparttar 102083 Web has passed, there are still millions of interested prospects to be found online. This could berepparttar 102084 best time ever for small and medium-sized businesses to stock up on banner ads.

The Internet ad industry isn't taking response rates lying down. Recentlyrepparttar 102085 Internet Advertising Bureau approved standards for new, larger banners. The new "wide skyscraper" size has already appeared on top sites and is three times larger than what we are used to. Advertisers hoperepparttar 102086 larger size will get reader attention, converting more sales.

Experts warn not to get caught up inrepparttar 102087 flash of new banner technology. The quality of your offer andrepparttar 102088 clarity of your message are stillrepparttar 102089 main factors in getting results. Here are five ways to make sure you banner gets attention and pulls response:

* Your banner should askrepparttar 102090 reader to take action. Something as simple as putting "Click Now!" on your banner can increase response.

* Use words that attract interest and create emotion. Free and Special Offer are favorites. I like to start each line with an action word. Buy, Save, Profit, and Rush work well.

* Pushrepparttar 102091 main benefit your product or service provides. Most advertisers forget this point and promote their product's features. Show readers how a feature leads to something that benefits their situation. The chrome fender onrepparttar 102092 Gizmo 2000 saves time and reduces costs.

Animated banners pull better response than static ads. Sites and banner networks usually have guidelines that help keep your animated banners from becoming a turnoff. Keep your ad size under 12k. Anything larger takes forever to load for anyone using a slow dial-up line as almost 80 percent of North Americans do.

Top 7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Now

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

We have all experienced it. Putting things off, not doing what we believe needs to get done. Finally, we commit torepparttar process and leap into getting our "stuff" done, and we are amazed at both how simple AND how energizing it was to complete all our tasks.

This Top 10 list keep you in action and out of procrastination. So what's stopping you? Nothing except you. Don't just stand there! Do something!

1. Be Vision Directed inrepparttar 102079 tasks before you. If your tasks do not match your values or purpose, naturally your heart will not desire to check that particular task off your list. Bring your task into congruence or take it OFFrepparttar 102080 list.

2. Begin and end each day with a solid foundation. Before you end your day, spend five to ten minutes reviewing your day. Take a moment to craft a plan forrepparttar 102081 next day. When you beginrepparttar 102082 following day, spend five or ten minutes reviewing your plan and revise as necessary. Also, be sure to spend some foundational time either in quiet contemplation or reading inspirational or motivational material.

3. Release yourself from perfectionism. One ofrepparttar 102083 biggest challenges is believing everything has to be just so.....and therefore we don't do anything if we can't be guaranteed perfection. Either/Or thinking such as this is guaranteed to lead to stagnation. Practice saying, "Oh, well!" After all, what isrepparttar 102084 absolute worse thing that would happen from taking action?

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