How To Get Free Visitors To Your Web Site

Written by Jerry Robertson

There are many ways to promote your site. One fantastic way is to use pay per click search engines that will give you money to test their services.

These pay per click search engines are new and very slow. The free offers will disappear once their traffic picks up. It may take a long time to use your free clicks. However, with a keyword or two, it takes a few minutes to set up.

The reason you want to add at least one keyword is to keeprepparttar pay per click from closing your account and you losingrepparttar 128373 free click money. Every month you should checkrepparttar 128374 status of your account. Many ofrepparttar 128375 pay per clicks will show how often keywords were researchedrepparttar 128376 previous month. If you seerepparttar 128377 number of searches increasing significantly,add more keywords and check your account more often.

8 Tips To Get More Traffic From Yahoo!

Written by Vishal Rao

2002 By Vishal Rao. All Rights Reserved.

Withrepparttar new Yahoo! "Pay-For-Review" model it might be relatively easier for sites to get intorepparttar 128372 directory but getting traffic from your listing is altogether a different story. And now with it's new annual recurring payment policy you have to be extra careful while submitting your site for a review.

Here are 8 things to keep in mind while submitting your site to Yahoo!

1) Selecting your domain name isrepparttar 128373 most vital step in getting a top ranking in Yahoo! and also other directories like Dmoz and Looksmart.

Make sure your domain name is "Keyword Rich". You can make your domain keyword rich by simply inserting hyphens to separate words in your domain name. Yahoo! gives more relevance to sites with keywords in their domain name.

Take our domain name for example:

It is made up of 4 different high-in-demand keywords: "Home Based Business", "Home Business", "Home Business Opportunities", "Home Based Business Opportunities".

While crafting your domain name, even you should try to keep your domain name such that it is made up of one, 2-4 words main or "parent" keyword; which in turn is made up of 2-4 high-in-demand "child" keywords.

You may or may not get a top ranking for all your targeted keywords but you can be sure of getting one for your main or "parent" keyword (If you do everything else right).

Even if you have to get a separate domain name for this purpose, GET IT! It is absolutely crucial for your ranking.

2) Sites which are placed higher in directory structure are given more relevance than sites which are placed lower or deeper.

For example a site listed in category - B2B/Business_Opportunities will be given more relevance than a site listed in category - B2B/Business_Opportunities/Directories

Here's a great tip to selectrepparttar 128374 most trafficked category for your website...

Once you have short-listed 2 or 3 category to place your site in to, check outrepparttar 128375 cost of Sponsor Listings of those categories.

It's really simple. Visitrepparttar 128376 following URL:

Enterrepparttar 128377 URL of any website that is listed in your desired category (The URL should be same as it appears in Yahoo! andrepparttar 128378 category should be a commercial category).

-----SIDEBAR----- Please note that Yahoo! accepts Sponsor Listings for only certain commercial categories and so this tip may or may not work for your category. -----SIDEBAR-----

You'll be asked for your Yahoo! ID. Once you submitrepparttar 128379 information, you'll be provided withrepparttar 128380 Sponsorship charges for that certain category. Repeatrepparttar 128381 process for your remaining short-listed categories.

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