How To Get Free Media Publicity

Written by Michael Low

The most basic way to getting your business mentioned inrepparttar media is to dispatch a press release. Almost all mass media (newspapers, magazines, radio and tv) accept press releases.

A significant portion ofrepparttar 125099 news and stories published throughrepparttar 125100 mass media originates from press releases. You can use press releases to announce a new website, expansion of existing business, change in key appointments orrepparttar 125101 launch of a trade event.

In this article, I'll reveal to you five most important PR success tips that every press release should incorporate.

PR Tip #1. Never Pitch

The biggest PR mistake which people make when they write their press release is to write it like a sales letter. They try to sellrepparttar 125102 benefits,repparttar 125103 low price,repparttar 125104 discounts, rebates, etc.

Editors who receive press releases are not interested in sales pitches. Their job is to present news worthy stories to their audience.

Instead of pitching 101 benefits of buying your latest product, tellrepparttar 125105 editors in plain English why their audience will be interested in your story.

We read and hear all kinds of news daily. They don't sound like product pitches - they are news! That's what editors want - news!

PR Tip #2. Make It News Worthy

Examine your story from all possible angles. Which angle would make a juicy story that appeals to your targeted media audience?

Here's an example. Your beverage company just launched a new website and you want to get it mentioned inrepparttar 125106 media. How do you make your story news worthy?

Perhaps on your new website you are offering a complete online guide torepparttar 125107 best restaurants inrepparttar 125108 state. That's your news angle!

This Website Promotion Strategy GUARANTEES Visitors!

Written by Steve Nash

My name is Steve Nash and I'm a UK-based webmaster of several sites including How I Promote My Website - a free and practical web site promotion guide:

I have a medium-term website promotion strategy that I would like to share with you; it practically guarantees getting visitors to a website! The strategy boils down to this simple and do-able process:

o Find out what people are searching for o Choose a popular topic that has few or no competing websites o Create a site about this topic o Promote web site, paying particular attention to Google

That's it.

All of these steps are relatively easy to achieve too!

=> Find Out What People Are Searching For - What's In Demand

Sign-up to Wordtracker's FREE top 500 keyword report that showsrepparttar 500 most popular search terms onrepparttar 125098 web -

=> Choose A Popular Search Term (Topic) With Few Competing Sites

Choose a few search terms (keywords) fromrepparttar 125099 report above (preferably a search term that you know something about). Feed these search terms into Wordtracker; Wordtracker then generates further keyword combinations that you may not have thought about.

Addrepparttar 125100 most appropriate keywords to Wordtracker's basket. From this basket Wordtracker then determinesrepparttar 125101 popularity of a particular keyword onrepparttar 125102 search engines, andrepparttar 125103 number of competing websites there are for that keyword.

Yes, Wordtracker literally lets you know what your chances of achieving a top 10 search engine position are for a given keyword. (Wordtracker's free trial uses AltaVista asrepparttar 125104 search engine, andrepparttar 125105 unlimited version uses allrepparttar 125106 major search engines, and costs less than a few UK pounds per day.) -

=> Create A Site About This Topic

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