How To Get Big Media Promotion--Without Paying For It

Written by Kahlia Hannah

Have you priced big media ads lately? Yikes! A big ad in your daily newspaper can run you a couple thousand bucks. Radio commercials, which used to be cheap, can cost several hundred dollars each. And let's not even talk aboutrepparttar price of TV commercials.

Expensive media advertising is great if you can afford it, but you may not have to pay a cent to get covered big time by big time media. Each day thousands of media outlets give away millions in news coverage, promotional tie-ins, and adlibed plugs.

It doesn't matter if you are a small business that can't afford advertising or a larger firm who could use a boost to your existing marketing budget. Going after no-cost media coverage is an important effort that will pay huge dividends over time.

Here is how to get your share ofrepparttar 124482 free media bonanza:

1. Most media need a steady stream of prizes to give away. Radio stations offer free items to listeners. Newspapers give bonus prizes to their delivery people. Rather than buy prizes, most media like to get them from businesses in return for a free mention on air or in print.

Kevin Nunley of tellsrepparttar 124483 story of a radio station that offered free ads for someone to removerepparttar 124484 snow from their parking lot. "A guy with a tractor showed up, removedrepparttar 124485 snow,and we immediately started giving expensive commercial slots away torepparttar 124486 guy's little snow removal company."

Some media may require you to buy advertising before they will give away your products or services. Once you figure in allrepparttar 124487 free mentions you will get on air or inrepparttar 124488 paper,repparttar 124489 cost ofrepparttar 124490 ads may turn out to be quite cheap.

The Perfect Gift for Our Customers

Written by Dave Balch

It'srepparttar holidays again and we all want to do something for our customers, right? We want to let them know how much we appreciate them and their business, and we want to wish them and their families a wonderful holiday season. Mostly, though, we'd like to score some big points so they will continue to be our customers! (Maybe we're just afraid we'll look stupid if we don't do anything at all…)

What to do for them? Buy a gift they may or may not want or need? Wine? Maybe they don't drink. Candy? Maybe they are watching their weight. Calendars? Desk stuff? When'srepparttar 124481 last time that you received something like that from someone that you do business with? Did you like/want/need/appreciate it? My guess is "No". So what can you do that everyone will appreciate without breakingrepparttar 124482 bank?

Consider this: donation cards. I have used this concept with great success. Here's what worked for me.

Print post cards that are self-addressed/postage-paid on one side. Onrepparttar 124483 other side put a holiday message torepparttar 124484 effect "Thank you for your continued support duringrepparttar 124485 past year. In lieu of a gift of some sort, we felt a charitable donation in your name would be more in keeping withrepparttar 124486 holiday spirit….", a place for name and address, and a list of charities from which they could choose. (You can see and borrow a sample from )

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Bingo! Holiday shopping is complete, you have complete control overrepparttar 124487 cost, and your customers will love it. Some thoughts:

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