How To Get At Least 20 Times More Traffic - for FREE!

Written by Stephen R. Renfrow

It's every webmaster's dream to have a link to his/her website on 1,000's of other websites acrossrepparttar Internet.

Today, most webmasters join one or more "banner exchanges" to get additional traffic to their websites. However, it's a common mistake to believe that this will EVER give you a significant increase inrepparttar 101122 number of visitors to your website. Please read on, and I'll explain why.

A banner exchange works like this: When joining a banner exchange, you enter your banner ad intorepparttar 101123 exchange. Then, you place a html code on your website, that displays a banner every time you get a visitor to your site. The banner exchange has lots of other websites with this html code on them, so they can display a significant volume of banners throughoutrepparttar 101124 network of member sites.

Then, there is an "exchange" of banner impressions: For every two banners you show on your website (every two visitors/hits/page views you have on your website), your banner will be displayed once on another banner exchange member website.

So, how does this give you traffic? If you have 200 page views/visitors/hits on your website, your banner will be displayed 100 times on other websites inrepparttar 101125 banner exchange.

If we assume that your banner has a CTR (Click Through Ratio) of 1%, which is quite normal, one out of 100 people who sees your banner will click on it, and visit your website. With your banner displayed 100 times onrepparttar 101126 other websites inrepparttar 101127 banner exchange, you will get 1 - ONE - extra visitor as a result ofrepparttar 101128 200 banners you displayed on your website. In other words: For every 200 visitors you have to your website, you will get 1 - ONE - extra fromrepparttar 101129 banner exchange.

OK, let's say you have 1000 visitors/hits a day on your website: This will give you an extra 5 - FIVE - visitors a day fromrepparttar 101130 banner exchange.

Actually this is a 0,5% increase inrepparttar 101131 traffic to your website. Would you call this banner exchange a "great traffic builder"? I wouldn't! The only website that benefits from this, isrepparttar 101132 website that OWNSrepparttar 101133 banner exchange, and get to sell allrepparttar 101134 extra banner impressions that's left fromrepparttar 101135 "1 for 2" exchange of banner impressions throughoutrepparttar 101136 entire network of banner exchange member websites! Hey, what a great business!

So, What'srepparttar 101137 deal withrepparttar 101138 "self replicating advertising webpages"?

A self-replicating advertising webpage works like this: When you join, you get your "own" self replicating advertising webpage, displaying six classified ads or links. Your link or classified ad will be inrepparttar 101139 "first position" of this webpage.

To see what a self-replicating advertising webpage looks like, go here:

Whenever someone visits "your" advertising page, and signs up to get her/his own, they will get a page with their ad in pos. 1, and your ad in pos. 2.

When someone signs up from this "new" page, they'll get a self replicating advertising webpage with your ad in position 3.

As time goes by, this cycle will repeat over and over again, creating loads of advertising pages in your "downline" with your ad in position 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6!

So, why is a self-replicating advertising website better than ANY banner exchange? Let's take a look atrepparttar 101140 numbers we used earlier: Say you still have a website with 1000 visitors a day. Now, droprepparttar 101141 banner exchange! Simply place a banner or a text link to your Self-replicating advertising webpage on your website instead!

Let's say that this banner ext-link also has a CTR of 1%. This means that you get 10 visitors a day to your advertising webpage from this text-link or banner.

Can You Believe It?

Written by Pamela Geiss

Can you believe everything you read? If you have been onrepparttar Internet for any length of time, chances are you have fallen for at least one fantastic claim that "this will bring you great weatlh and success." There are, of course, some completely bogus sites with promises that, if you really think about it, could not possibly turn out to be true.

Atrepparttar 101121 other end ofrepparttar 101122 spectrum, there are many sites that really do have a great value and really can follow through with their promises.

But what has happened to us during this short process ofrepparttar 101123 Internet getting going? Because a lot of us have been scammed at one time or other, we have become jaded to any statements that promise opportunity for wealth and success.

Don't misunderstand me - you must keep your wits about you and not jump at everything you see. But you must also not pass off everything as a scam. A lot of businesses out there promise you wealth, BUT they also tell you that YOU have to contribute in some way or other to get that wealth.

For example, I sell targeted traffic. I can getrepparttar 101124 visitors to your website, but I also tell you that your site has to sell them. Ifrepparttar 101125 visitors aren't buying from you, perhaps you need to look to your site forrepparttar 101126 answer. Or, if you don't have your own site and are advertising a "cloned" site, perhaps you should consider getting your own site and rewriting your offer so that it appeals to more people.

A lot of people get into an offer, get excited about it, advertise it heavily for a week or two, get no signups, give it up as a scam and go on. What? Can you really expect to build a business in 2 weeks? Not in this life! It takes a tremendous amount of traffic to get sales and it takes many months to build a business into a lucrative one. But there is one thing for sure -repparttar 101127 more traffic you get in a period of time,repparttar 101128 faster your business will build. It'srepparttar 101129 law of averages - and it's a fact.

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