How To Get An Instant Response To Your Urgent EMail!

Written by Valerie Mills

Inrepparttar business world, “You’ve Got Mail” has turned into a curse. Fact is,repparttar 107939 average business user spends an average of over two hours a day just dealing with email! If you have an urgent issue requiring an immediate response, how do you get your colleague,repparttar 107940 average business user, to pay attention and take action?

Here's a typical scenario: You are sending an urgent e-mail to a colleague, Notina Hurry. Only Notina knowsrepparttar 107941 location of a budget file you need desperately. You called her, but her phone is tied up. How do you get your important e-mail read, and then responded to as quickly as possible?

1. Write a headline inrepparttar 107942 subject area that will grab your colleague's attention. You need to getrepparttar 107943 recipient to notice and WANT to open your e-mail. According torepparttar 107944 experts, you have to make it specific enough to be intriguing but vague enough to provoke curiosity. And, it's a real advantage if you knowrepparttar 107945 recipient.

For example, Notina is a good-hearted person but is always getting blamed for screw-ups. So, you decide you will headline a plea for help inrepparttar 107946 Subject area.

You decide against "Where did you putrepparttar 107947 @*!!%& file?" and opt for "Help! Help! Last week' s budget file is so lost!" as your headline inrepparttar 107948 Subject area ofrepparttar 107949 e-mail.

2. Next, write a specific, easy-to-read message. Short sentences are best. Tellrepparttar 107950 reader what's in it for them. Remember that everyone is tuned intorepparttar 107951 radio station WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

15 Ways To Keep Your Speaking Inspiring and Creative

Written by Catherine Franz

By Catherine Franz

When stressed or blocked it is wise to make a change so that we don’t stay in that place. Yet, many times we forget some ofrepparttar simple things that we can do for ourselves, quickly and easily to bring our inspiration back and increase our creativity.

1. If you usually type your speech first, hand write them. Nothing compares to seeingrepparttar 107938 ink mesh intorepparttar 107939 paper and display what you created.

2. If you spend too much time atrepparttar 107940 computer, take a break every hour. Go for a walk or just sit outside inrepparttar 107941 sun. Even five minutes in a winter sun does wonders for a mood and creativity.

3. Flip through magazines or books. Their colors and ideas will give you sparks and switch your attitude. Blue and green can reduce your stress levels by 30% or more.

4. Add strong smells torepparttar 107942 room. Light scented candles around you, visitrepparttar 107943 fruit isle atrepparttar 107944 grocery store, or go to a store that is heavily scented. Find an orange or strawberries and smell it. Both will change a mood or create inspiration. Smells awaken your creativity. Smells trigger memories and are a great method to rekindle stories fromrepparttar 107945 past.

5. Go see or rent an inspirational movie. Relaxation time is important. Watchrepparttar 107946 movie with a notebook and record inspiring phases or ideas that pop in.

6. Read a book onrepparttar 107947 topic that stirs and sparks your creativity. Poetry can dorepparttar 107948 same.

7. Look at bold and bright colors for a few minutes. These change your mood.

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