How To Get A Top Ranking In Google In Just 3 Days

Written by Mark Flavin

So how do you get a top listing in Google and how do you get into Google quickly.

Lets begin withrepparttar latter. You can submit your site using Googles submit site tool but amazingly enough this is NOTrepparttar 135755 fastest way to get listed.

Here's repparttar 135756 secret to getting listed in Google like lightening: PRESS RELEASE'S

Yep issue a press release relating to your website you will see your site in all repparttar 135757 major search engines in 3 or 4 days. Here's a link to one of my press releases

To issue a press release, go to it's free to do.

To go about writing a press release there are two important things to remember. 1) Think like a journalist; 2) Read previous press releases to get ideas from them. Do both these tasks and you wont go far wrong.

Ok now that your sites in Google how are we going to get a top spot for keywords related to our site. Well I'm afraid to tell you this is no easy process it could possibly take months even years! But with some luck andrepparttar 135758 right tools it is achievable.

There are two keys to getting a high ranking 1) Your Keywords &

2) High Page Rank (Sites that already rank high inrepparttar 135759 search engines) Websites Linking To Your Website

Lets look at keywords first.

So to go about finding keywords we are going to use some free tools


Wordtracker -


PPC v Natural Search A Cost Comparison Case Study

Written by Glenn Murray

The attraction of Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising is undeniable. Each click costs virtually nothing, you only pay forrepparttar clicks you get, and you set your own daily budget so you know exactly how much you’re going to spend. Most importantly, your listing appears instantly.

Onrepparttar 135109 other hand, a high ranking inrepparttar 135110 natural search results seems unobtainable. There’s a perception that hundreds of thousands of other businesses are competing for your keywords, and that makes it seem like a real rat-race. And it also seems like such a big mountain to climb; it’s true that it can take months to reachrepparttar 135111 first page for your target keywords. To make matters worse, thousands of opportunistic (and some very dodgy) ‘SEO companies’ have emerged, looking to make a quick and big buck out of market naivety. So to CEOs, BDMs, marketing managers, webmasters, and business owners,repparttar 135112 road to natural search ranking seems expensive, risky, and beset with traffic.

But does this mean you should forget natural search?

Definitely not!

Firstly, most user studies to date have found that people pay more attention to natural search results because they’re more relevant. That’srepparttar 135113 foundation ofrepparttar 135114 success of companies like Google and Yahoo (andrepparttar 135115 reason they keep their indexing rules a secret).

What’s more, it’s important to put things in perspective. Hundreds of thousands of other businesses may be competing for your keywords, but in most cases, they’re at least as confused and disheartened as you. Sorepparttar 135116 sooner you figure outrepparttar 135117 real story,repparttar 135118 sooner you’ll haverepparttar 135119 jump on them.

And yes, it can take a while to reachrepparttar 135120 top, but because your competition is – forrepparttar 135121 most part – traveling blind, your early progress will normally be quite quick. In fact, for most businesses, it’s not until you reachrepparttar 135122 top few pages that your progress will slow.

And again yes, there ARE some dodgy SEO companies out there. But there are also some very good ones. (Go to and sign up to a forum if you want to find out who they are.) So long as you knowrepparttar 135123 basics of SEO you won’t be taken for a ride. (See SEO for CEOs for a rundown of SEO basics in layperson’s terms.)

But let’s talk bottom line…

Is it more expensive to obtain a high ranking?

Certainly not! In comparison with other forms of advertising – even PPC inrepparttar 135124 long run – reachingrepparttar 135125 top ofrepparttar 135126 rankings is NOT expensive. The following case study explains why.

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