How To Get A Sharp Looking Instant Website For Your Business

Written by Kevin Nunley

Today, more and more business is being done onrepparttar Net, and to stay successful, you've got to keep up withrepparttar 117931 trend. The days of having a nice little shop and a listing inrepparttar 117932 yellow pages are over. These days, having a professional web site is essential to staying competitive.

Now don't panic, for many businesses, you don't need a big- production web site. You may only want a small stop onrepparttar 117933 Net where customers and prospects can find your basics: your list of services and products, your rates, and your contact/order info. Quite often, less is more in this market.

You may be thinking, "But I don't knowrepparttar 117934 first thing about setting up a web site! This is going to cost me a million dollars!" Don't worry, you don't need big savings or Internet savvy to set up a web site. There are several companies out there that will do it for you for free!

One ofrepparttar 117935 easiest online web site builder's is AOL Hometown's 1-2-3 Publish at:

You don't even have to be an AOL subscriber to use it.

Just chooserepparttar 117936 type of page you want to build, then type or paste your info intorepparttar 117937 templates and you're done. This service uses allrepparttar 117938 latest template design technology, andrepparttar 117939 resulting sites look quite professional.

If you want to go even more high-tech, check into Netscape's SiteCentral at:

In addition torepparttar 117940 basics, this service offers headlines which are automatically updated throughoutrepparttar 117941 day, and a bar chart you can customize to report your sales information.

Other fine instant site building programs can be found at (slick looking), (they've been perfecting this for years), and (the first ofrepparttar 117942 template site programs). All are free.

Don't Let Clunky Web Site Content Sabotage Your Home Business!!

Written by Alvin Apple

The road to a successful home business is full of blind curves, potholes and hazards. Of these many pitfalls, creating your own web site is one ofrepparttar most dangerous. Setting up a good web site is a complicated and intricate process, and if you don't pay attention to detail you can end up with a mess.

The web site isrepparttar 117930 first impression a customer has of your business, so it had better be good. Now of course you want your site to be attractive and professional looking, but that's justrepparttar 117931 start. Quite often a fantastic looking web site can sink itself with bad copy. The clarity of your information is crucial. It is imperative that your web site follows a logical structure and has clear and complete product information, a clearly stated offer, and easy to follow ordering instructions, all written with impeccable spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Using a professional web designer is great if you can afford it, and it's not even too expensive these days. Inrepparttar 117932 last few years, competition among web designers has become fierce, and hence driven prices down. You can get a pretty good job done for very little money if you just comparison shop a bit. You might even find a web design student who needs portfolio material and is willing to set up your site for free. Just remember, a web designer is just that, a designer. They set up allrepparttar 117933 links, graphics and fonts, butrepparttar 117934 copy is up to you. Most designers just plug in what you give them without even a cursory once-over. The clarity and correctness of your writing is your own responsibility.

One ofrepparttar 117935 main flaws I find in poorly written web sites isrepparttar 117936 confusion created when I can't find whatrepparttar 117937 actual offer is. The home page maybe has all sorts of slick sales copy and even a testimonial or two, but where isrepparttar 117938 offer? A good web site should introducerepparttar 117939 product or service and clearly staterepparttar 117940 offer right atrepparttar 117941 beginning. You can follow up with a second paragraph of sales copy describingrepparttar 117942 benefits of your product, but make sure that your offer is stated first.

Another web site sinker is confusing links. Links are necessary because people get frustrated with having to scroll down through pages and pages of information. A good web site should be divided into separate sections connected by links. To avoid confusion, keep each section of your web site shorter than 300 words,repparttar 117943 shorterrepparttar 117944 better, and have an easy to read column of links torepparttar 117945 left side of each page and also atrepparttar 117946 bottom of each page. It is crucial that each link makes sense. Use logical titles like "product information," and "ordering information," and make surerepparttar 117947 content fitsrepparttar 117948 title. Don't have ordering information onrepparttar 117949 products page, and vice versa.

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