How To Furnish Your Home Office Inexpensively

Written by BB Lee

How To Furnish Your Home Office Inexpensively...... Home Office Tip 3 by BB Lee(C)2003

This is part 3 in a series of home office tips!

Furnishing your home office should be a cost effective and easy process. Follow these tips to furnish a home office inexpensively.

-Everything Old Is New Again. Take a trip to your basement or attic. Do you have discarded chairs, an old desk? Clean them up and install in your home office.

-Recycle. Find another use for old cardboard boxes or plastic containers. Use cardboard boxes for files or to store your home office supplies. Use plastic containers for smaller items that get lost easily, like extra pens, pencils, paper clips, index cards.

-Barter/Exchange So your friend has an old computer, telephone, or fax you would love to have. Why not barter for these needed items. Offer to cook a meal, do laundry, household chores, babysit, lawn work, run errands, in place of cash.

-Thrift Shops/Garage Sales. A great place to find inexpensive home office furniture. I've purchased shelves and an almost new bookcase for far less thanrepparttar original price. A few years ago I purchased old antique metal milk crates at a garage sale for only a buck each! I cleaned them up and spray painted them bright red. They are great for storing old magazines, research files, books.

Flying Without a Net

Written by Elena Fawkner

Flying Without a Net

2003 Elena Fawkner

One ofrepparttar most exciting and daunting things about starting your own home-based business as your sole means of income isrepparttar 117400 reality that no one is responsible for your success or failure but you. The lure ofrepparttar 117401 home-based business is undeniable. But before joining repparttar 117402 revolution, takerepparttar 117403 time to think aboutrepparttar 117404 real implications of self-responsibility. Inrepparttar 117405 past, you've always hadrepparttar 117406 security of knowing that your employer was taking care ofrepparttar 117407 background details ... you know, those little things like retirement plans, health insurance and capital investment. And making enough money to cover your salary and vacation time. Now it's all down to you.

So, let's take a look at four ofrepparttar 117408 biggies: health and safety, insurance, tax issues and zoning.


No matter how much you've invested in setting up your business, nothing is more valuable to your business or to you as your good health and safety.

Apart from obvious measures such as ensuring you have adequate health insurance, keeprepparttar 117409 following basics in mind.

=> You Are Not A Machine

Take regular breaks. These are important for your physical and mental health, not to mention your productivity. Breaks can be particularly important if your livelihood requires you to spend hours on end in front of a computer. The last thing you or your business needs is for you to develop carpal tunnel syndrome!

Avoidrepparttar 117410 temptation to do household chores or errands on your break time. That's not a break. Do something that breaksrepparttar 117411 mental spell, something that gets you out of your work environment for fifteen minutes every couple of hours. Go wander around outside and take some deep breaths to cleanse your lungs. Lift weights. Call a friend. Go sit inrepparttar 117412 backyard with a cup of cocoa and enjoyrepparttar 117413 sunshine. It doesn't matter what you do, but make yourself do it. Set an alarm to remind yourself if you must.

=> Userepparttar 117414 Correct Equipmentrepparttar 117415 Right Way

Make sure you userepparttar 117416 correct equipment forrepparttar 117417 task at hand. If your work requires long hours in front of a computer, make sure that your desk and chair are properly aligned and your work area is well lit. Ensure you maintain good posture.

=> Nap when sleepy

Many home-based business owners work odd hours. That, after all, is one ofrepparttar 117418 advantages! But if you start working very early or work very late intorepparttar 117419 night, your sleep patterns need to adjust accordingly. Therefore, if you find yourself feeling sleepy mid-afternoon, take an hour's nap. Any longer though and you'll risk waking sluggish and tired. Set an alarm to wake you if think you'll go longer than an hour or 45 minutes. Don't tell yourself you can't affordrepparttar 117420 time to take a nap. A nap will do wonders for your productivity and you will be refreshed and ready to get back to work. You'll find you'll accomplish much more byrepparttar 117421 end ofrepparttar 117422 day than you would have if you forced yourself to keep ploughing ahead even though you were so sleepy you couldn't think straight.

=> Home Alone Security

Security is an issue for any home-based worker. Apart from personal security which is always an issue for everyone wherever they work,repparttar 117423 home-based office with its usual array of expensive computer and other office equipment, and heaven knows whatever else electronic gadgetry is a prime target for thieves. So take these basic precautions:

* Don't expose your expensive office equipment torepparttar 117424 view of casual passersby. Obscurerepparttar 117425 view with foliage (but not so much that you provide a place for would-be intruders to hide) and drawrepparttar 117426 blinds when you're away from home.

* Keep your doors deadbolted when you're home as well as when you're away.

* Think twice about inviting new clients to your home office. Try and meet atrepparttar 117427 client's office wherever possible or, if not, at a neutral location.

* Ensure your property is well lit at night to deter intruders.

* Don't advertiserepparttar 117428 fact that you work from home.

* Consider using a post office box for your office address. This is particularly useful if you run an online business and are concerned about revealing your residential address to all and sundry.

* Get an alarm system installed and displayrepparttar 117429 alarm company's sign prominently on your property.

* A dog can be a great security device, not to mention company forrepparttar 117430 solo worker!


Don't rely on your homeowner's insurance to cover your business. Most policies limit loss of business property to $2,500 and don't cover losses away fromrepparttar 117431 home.

And you can just forget about claiming on your homeowner's policy for injury sustained by a client visiting your home office.

So ensure you obtain business insurance separate from your homeowner's policy or, if your insurance company offers it, an endorsement to your existing policies. This type of extension, where available, can be as low as an additional $200 or so annually.

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