How To Fix Problems With The “Fetch” or “Bring” Command.

Written by Adam G. Katz

Hello Adam: I have a chocolate Labrador Retriever (very active) that is being trained (in OPEN class now) and he seems to be regressing since we are working on retrieving.

He retrieves very well withrepparttar dumbbell, etc., but other dogs inrepparttar 125719 class do not. And they bring toys for their retrieval work.

My problem is that my dog is just "overcome" with these toys and isn't paying close attention to me. He goes after THEIR toy many times instead of HIS dumbbell.

He knowsrepparttar 125720 command "look" or WATCH ME" but serious corrections don't even deter his disobedience on this toy-retrieval. HELP! How should I handle this?

Thank you! Mary

Dear Mary:

These arerepparttar 125721 type of questions that I like. They’re interesting. First, make absolute 100% sure that your dog DOES understandrepparttar 125722 “Bring” or “Fetch” command.

Assuming that he does, here’srepparttar 125723 next step: Recognize thatrepparttar 125724 problem you’re having is one of disrespect. The reason that your dog goes for his neighbor’s toy AFTER you’ve clearly commanded him to BRING his dumbbell is that he CARES LESS about what you want. Asrepparttar 125725 dog goes into ‘play/prey’ drive, his sensitivity to your corrections goes WAY DOWN. In other words, you’re giving him a $2 ticket and he needs a $200 ticket.

Body Language Before Dog Bites

Written by Adam G. Katz

Dear Adam:

After catching up on doggy email, I've noticed your reference to submissive posture. Your book helped more than a professional trainer I hired for my adopted Golden. We went through biting and dominance issues. The problem I am having now is I still do not trust him 100%. When he bit there really wasn't any sign it was coming (that I noticed). Even now,repparttar only sign that he doesn't like something is a lowered head and sometimes a low growl (the groomer told me this). This dog growls sometimes when he is happy. It is almost like someone taught him not to make any other noise in doors. Outside he will bark. I guessrepparttar 125718 big question is how do you read a dog's face, body, etc.?

Thanks, Mark.

Dear Mark:

It's a tough situation you've got. You've really got to just pay close attention torepparttar 125719 dog at any time you suspect she may displayrepparttar 125720 aggression. The most common indicators that I used when working with clients who had aggressive dogs was to watch:

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