"How To Find Your Niche on the Internet!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

It does not matter what you are looking for onrepparttar Internet or what it is you are trying to accomplish because, basically, everyone wantsrepparttar 117573 same thing.

This is especially true for those of us wishing to do business online although it really applies to even those just seeking a community of like-minded people.

EVERYONE onrepparttar 117574 Internet wants:

1. To find more INFORMATION on a given subject. or 2. To find PEOPLE with similar interests.

Many refer to this as your niche. Others involved with online business call it finding your target audience.

Give some thought as to why you want to reach people.

Once you know WHY you want to contact people, then you will know WHOM it is you need to communicate with and for WHAT reason.

So where should you begin your search?

Asrepparttar 117575 question itself suggestsrepparttar 117576 answer, you should begin your quest for either information or people by doing extensive research with your favorite search engine(s).

I personally like to use Google, http://www.google.com, and that is where I begin my research.

No matter which Search Engines or Directory is your own personal favorite, just take that as your starting point and build on it from there.

But, certainly, do not limit your research to just one source. You should use no less thanrepparttar 117577 top ten Search Engines and Directories for your research.

For a list, via Auto-Responder, ofrepparttar 117578 current "Top 10 Search Engines and Directories!", send a blank email message to: mailto:Top10SE@emailexchange.org

Here is an excellent strategy to make use of for your own quest for information or people:

1. Prepare a list of "Keywords" to find what you seek.

2. Visit each ofrepparttar 117579 Top 10 Search Engines and Directories.

3. At each ofrepparttar 117580 Top 10 enter your "keywords".

4. Visit and reviewrepparttar 117581 Top 20 to 30 results ofrepparttar 117582 "keywords"

used in your search at each ofrepparttar 117583 Search Engines and Directories.

5. Weed outrepparttar 117584 useless or dead links.

6. Begin to form your community and bookmark all repparttar 117585 web sites that hold interest and promise.

This will give you a solid foundation from which to begin.

Your next step is to reach out and "touch" that community of people that you seek by sending out email.

ALWAYS use email without resorting to SPAM.

Because SPAM is against Internet rules and because it creates more problems that it solves. SPAM is should NOT be an option.

Withrepparttar 117586 list you compile from your research, decide if it is important to your quest to contactrepparttar 117587 web masters of each of those individual web site.

This list of web masters gives you a good start on which to start building your own little community of contacts.

Begin to compile a "Mailing List" of your contacts.

Summer Doldrums

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Warm-weather months are a fun and busy time. It's time to cleanuprepparttar barbie, plant your flowers, and maybe take a trip torepparttar 117572 beach. The cold weather is gone andrepparttar 117573 lazy, hazy days of summer are upon us. It just seems that so many things have been added to our plate, we have little time for anything else.

But wait! Does that includerepparttar 117574 business you have worked so hard on duringrepparttar 117575 winter? Unfortunately for some it does. It's likerepparttar 117576 race car driver, who speeds aroundrepparttar 117577 track and gets a lead of his competition, but then decides to coastrepparttar 117578 last few laps. Guess what - he is going to be passed.

A lot of people virtually takerepparttar 117579 summer off from their online business, and this is an opportunity for you. While they are taking 2 steps back, you can leapfrog over them and getrepparttar 117580 customers they might have gotten.

This is not a new phenomenon, and is as old asrepparttar 117581 web itself. Online business typically slows down duringrepparttar 117582 summer months. But who is slowing down? It is usually those who workrepparttar 117583 web part-time inrepparttar 117584 evening. Now when it gets dark early, this is easy. But whenrepparttar 117585 days are longer, it seems there just isn't enough time to do everything else, and also take care of business.

If you are serious about developing your online business, you must haverepparttar 117586 discipline it takes to continue. It's awfully easy to think you'll get it done tomorrow, but unfortunately, your customers will not wait for you to get motivated.

Rose Hay sums it up beautifully in her ads. She says "Remember, an Opportunity Doesn't Go Away, It Just Goes To Someone Else." How true - here is someone who has her act together, and will capitalize onrepparttar 117587 inaction of others.

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