How To Find Your Links In Google

Written by Jim Hoffman

As you may know, part of getting ranked high on Google or many other search engines depends on who links to you.

This short article will explain how to find out who is linking to your website, using simple search techniques.

The basic way is to open up and type

This will show who links to your home page, including any of your internal pages. However, this isn't alwaysrepparttar best link search, since Google actually only will include websites that link to you if that site has a Google page Rank of 4 or above.

Another way to look is to type

This should show a bit more accurate results. If you look atrepparttar 119364 results though, you will probrably see a bunch of your webpages asrepparttar 119365 link results. To stop this from happening, you can type.


This should exclude your website from being included inrepparttar 119366 results.

Also, you can try using "yourdomain" as a search item which will show sites linking to you as well, make sure you includerepparttar 119367 "".

Link Exchanges

Written by Matt Colyer

Should link exchanges be used? What are link exchanges? Do they really work? These are just a few questions that most webmasters come across at a link exchange. In this article I will try to help you understand link exchanges and if they truly work like some say.

Link exchanges are sites that help webmasters find link partners forrepparttar benefit of traffic. Link exchanges like are one of those that help you get link partners for traffic. They are used by some to get more link popularity to increase their ranking inrepparttar 119363 search engines like Yahoo! or Google, which both use to calculate web pages ranking inrepparttar 119364 search engine results.

Overrepparttar 119365 years link exchanges have been criticized by both webmasters and search engines, even have been targeted by search engines. They have been called link farms and link scams. The truth is that they are not link farms, link farms are network of sites that each link torepparttar 119366 other site forrepparttar 119367 benefit of high ranking onrepparttar 119368 search engines and most link exchanges are not so called link scams. How can you tellrepparttar 119369 difference between non-link scams and link scams? There are a few things that you should look at closely at link exchanges.

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