How To Find Relevant Web Sites For Link Exchanges

Written by Sandi Moses

If you’ve been onrepparttar internet very long at all, you know that one ofrepparttar 119361 very best and certainly cheapest ways of making your web site known is by exchanging links with other sites similar to yours. The more relevant sites that link to yours,repparttar 119362 more your rating will improve,repparttar 119363 more people looking for whatever you have will find your site,repparttar 119364 more traffic you will get andrepparttar 119365 more sales you will make! So just how do you go about finding webmasters who are willing to place a link to your new site onto their site? When your site is brand new, your best bet is to type your key words or phrases into a search engine and see what comes up. The sites you see onrepparttar 119366 first few pages have made it torepparttar 119367 top ofrepparttar 119368 search engine rankings. Go torepparttar 119369 sites and look around onrepparttar 119370 home page forrepparttar 119371 phrase “links exchange” or sometimes just “links.” They will have instructions for how to place their site on yours, and instructions onrepparttar 119372 information they need from you in order for them to place a link to your site on theirs. Always remember thatrepparttar 119373 Golden Rule applies here. You want them to place a link to you on their site so you need to reciprocate. If you are uncomfortable withrepparttar 119374 content of their links page and would prefer not to be associated with that site, then just move on. There are millions of others. Some ofrepparttar 119375 higher ranked sites will have non-content related restrictions about with whom they will exchange links. They will only exchange with you if your site and/or links pages have achieved a certain Google PageRank. (*More about that later.) If you encounter such a site, graciously just move on. Don’t waste your time linking to them or requesting a reciprocal link because they will most likely ignore you. For instructions on Keeping Track Of Your Links Exchanges, please followrepparttar 119376 link to another article that I wrote. Trust me on this one; you need to keep track. You will eventually have many many pages with similar sounding titles and URL’s and they will all begin to swim around in your mind. Only a savant could keep it straight! OK. Now your site has been up and running for awhile and you would like to focus your search on exchanging links with sites that have a higher PageRank. Repeat your very first steps of typing your key words or phrases into a search engine and see what comes up. It may or may not berepparttar 119377 same sites you saw before, but it will berepparttar 119378 current top ranked sites for those key words. Go torepparttar 119379 first site just as before, but this time click onrepparttar 119380 little blue icon on your Google toolbar (if you don’t haverepparttar 119381 Google tool bar click here to download it.) You will see a dropdown menu with 4 items on it. Click on “backward links” and you will get a page of web sites that looks like a regular Google search but is really all ofrepparttar 119382 web pages with a PageRank of at least 4 that have linked back torepparttar 119383 site you started with. Go to each of those sites and request to exchange links with them. The procedure isrepparttar 119384 same, but all of these sites and pages will have a PageRank of at least 4 andrepparttar 119385 more pages ranked at least 4 that link back to you,repparttar 119386 higher your site will be rated. Just keep plugging away at it. It is tedious torepparttar 119387 max, but free (unlike some programs onrepparttar 119388 market) and effective.


Written by Sandi Moses

All of us want to increase traffic to our web sites. It helps our search engine rankings, and provides us with potential new customers. One ofrepparttar best, and certainly least expensive, ways to do that is by exchanging links with sites similar to our own. However, you don’t have to accumulate very many links before it becomes difficult to keep track of them all. Many of them have similar sounding (or identical!) names, descriptions and even URL’s. Let me suggest a simple way to keep track of them so you don’t embarrass yourself and annoy others by requesting to exchange links with someone more than once. Create a simple spread sheet with four columns and no more that 51 rows; one row for titling your columns, and 50 for listing links. Search engines do not like link pages with more than 50 links, so if you make your spread sheet only capable of holding 50 items, you won’t exceed that arbitrary level. Each link page on your site will be a separate sheet in your spread sheet file. You can

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