How To Find Free Stuff Online

Written by BB Lee

How To Find Free Stuff Online by BB Lee (C)2003 (600 words)

If you are anything likerepparttar average person, you love free stuff. You have an overwhelming hunger to surf repparttar 113265 Net to satisfy your freebie appetite. This will turn to frustration if you do not knowrepparttar 113266 best places to check-out. And of course you will spend precious wasted time surfing without catching a freebie.

Well, onrepparttar 113267 Internet, you will find tons of freebies if you knowrepparttar 113268 right web-site, and when to click on over. Catching a good freebie really depends onrepparttar 113269 timing. More on that later.

What freebies treasures have I gathered in my hunt? Anything from junk to real nifty finds. I've discovered dozens of calendars, coffee mugs, music CD's, mouse pads, games, software, tons of ebooks, office supply samples, perfume samples, vitamins, makeup, shampoo, hair conditioners, calling cards, tee shirt's, food samples, razors, shaving creme, cologne, and.. well just about anything you can imagine!

Are you ready to satisfy your freebie appetite? Great! Check out these popular freebie sites.

Refund sweepers Don't letrepparttar 113270 misleading name fool you. I've ordered a dozen freebies from this site. Most recent was a aspirin sample, denture powder, razor sample. They listrepparttar 113271 link to samples in alphabetical order torepparttar 113272 left ofrepparttar 113273 website page. Look throughrepparttar 113274 list and order what's interesting or everything. They also have a coupon board, a refunding board, bargain board.

Free2try This sites been around for awhile. Packed with free and trial products.

CoolFreebies They claim to serve up 130 pages ofrepparttar 113275 week's best free stuff. Download clip art, fonts, games, midi files. Favorite products are free phone cards, coupons.

Totally Free Stuff Loaded with free stuff. Everything from mouse pads to travel brochures.

Five Free Tools To Help Make Your Business Grow

Written by Ofa Morgan

One ofrepparttar great things aboutrepparttar 113264 net is allrepparttar 113265 free things you can find and use. Uh-oh, there's that word again, "free'. It's got to be one ofrepparttar 113266 most over used words ever, especially onrepparttar 113267 net! Still, it never fails to thrill, or setrepparttar 113268 pulse racing! We loverepparttar 113269 idea of freebies, of getting something useful, cool, beautiful, profitable, functional and a whole list of other things without spending any money.

So if you're like me and loverepparttar 113270 feeling of having found a bargain or better still, some great resource for free, then you'll loverepparttar 113271 tools listed and described here! They include:

1) a safelist submitter 2) a site where you can create you own logos and buttons 3) a site that gives precise, up to date traffic stats 4) an online resource giving over 1200 reviews of web hosts offering free and paid web space 5) an online ad tracker

So without further ado, let's take a look atrepparttar 113272 first resource!

1) The Snazzy Promotions freeware safelist submitter

Snazzy by name, snazzy by nature? You bet it is! This safelist submitter will save your adverts and you can add an unlimited amount of safelists. The only "bad" thing is joiningrepparttar 113273 safelists, but once it's done, it's done and from there on in, it's just a case of choosingrepparttar 113274 safelists you want to post to, selectingrepparttar 113275 ad and clicking. Talk about a great time saver! You can get your copy at:

2) Cool Text This site makes it really easy to create your own buttons and logos. There's a wide variety of styles and textures (over 100) to choose from and with over 52 fonts to use, you can really let your imagination go and create some very beautiful, unique images. You might want to visit this site whenrepparttar 113276 amount of web traffic is decreasing as it's EXTREMELY popular!

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